What do A-listers Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Garner all have in common? Besides the fame, credible acting careers, and stunning beauty; these three women are all loving mothers. Even more than that, these three women all cater to their toddlers with love, gifts, and toys. That’s why it’s no surprise that all three women also turn to Max Daniel Designs, Inc.  for their precious kid’s blanket needs.

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Max Daniel Designs, Inc. was founded by creative designer Eden Heinsheimer. After naming the line after her first son, these luxurious blankets became a real booming business.

Traveling in order to promote her new business, Eden often missed home. “I was ready to come home to the calm and opportunities in Palos Verdes, my hometown, to start a family and new career patching using the skills and expertise I developed abroad,” said Heinsheimer.


Jennifer Garner holding a Max Daniel Designs, Inc. blanket

With Max Daniel fans from across the world, Heinsheimer has no problem maintaining her blanket business.

“With our rapidly expanding international market and inspiration from so many different outlets, especially our Facebook followers, the opportunity for creativity is boundless,” said Heinsheimer.


Nicole Kidman with her daughter and a Max Daniel Designs, Inc. blanket

Other celebrities that have gifted their kids with these luxurious blankets include Melissa Rycroft-Strickland and Kristin Chenoweth.  Want to see what the hype is about? Shop for your own little ones here.

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By: Sara Ehlers
Photos: Courtesy of Max Daniel Designs, Inc.