Introducing to you the hottest contemporary designer of 2014: Altaf Maaneshia. Known for his passion and innovation in designing clothes, Maaneshia has started to gain high recognition in the fashion world. His bold, structured pieces challenge the average woman and dare her to break out into new trendy fashion statements.


His pieces include a mix of cream colors, black, and white in order to create stoic high-fashion statements. His designs resonate with those who can appreciate beauty and the meticulousness of his apparel. “The whole experience of being a part of the fashion industry is an experience of emotions, passion, spirituality and love,” said Altaf.


Using exquisite fabrics and having leather as a staple of his collection, Altaf produces true contemporary fashion. His geometrical cuts and structure lines make him one of the most unique creative designers out there.



Although he has gained so much success already as a designer, he doesn’t let that popularity go to his head. “I believe there is only one thing certain in life and that’s uncertainty,” said Altaf Maaneshia.



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Facebook: Altaf Maaneshia
Twitter: @altafmaaneshia
Instagram: @altafmaaneshia

By: Sara Ehlers
Photos by: Courtesy of Altaf Maaneshia