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It’s a difficult task to plan what you wear on a day like today. Now, if you’re new, I live in Orange County, California. Most of the year is spent with the enviable climate of 75 to 80 degrees, with a slight breeze that cools your skin, and is perfect weather to carry a light jacket in your car for when the sun sets and it cools down. This is what brings loads of people to this region to live – they want to be tan for Christmas and wear sandals all year! However, much to my dismay, I woke up this potentially eventful Saturday morning to find that today would be the black sheep day, the 1%, the Murphy’s Law. It. Was. Raining.

 photoIf you haven’t heard before, us here in Orange County and Los Angeles aren’t as used to rain as the rest of the country. This is the day the news stations are flooded with “STORM WATCH 2013″ or a slew of traffic conditions that have been exacerbated by a coffee-stricken population that hasn’t changed their windshield wipers in as long as they can remember. You’ll probably find a few people looking out the window of their houses confused, after which they will run to the closet and look for scarves and coats. The awful grey color the sky turns on days like this makes us believe its meant to be cold outside. Quick reminder guys, it’s the middle of July. While the clouds may not think so, the temperature follows suit. Watch closely as people reach for their blacks, grays, and earth tones. They’ll attempt to make a transition outfit, with a lot of layers that will allow for peeling with the rising of the temperature. If they’re anything like me, a tried and true Californian in this situation, they’ll be wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a nice light sweater or cardigan, sunglasses, and sandals. Nothing about the climate means “closed toed”. In Southern California, shoe change is not based on weather, rather the situation. Closed toed is nice, loafers is work – sandals are the America’s Next Top Model Marathon of the clothing world: everyday is not overdoing it.


If you think that the crazy clothing choices are going to turn your head, just hop behind the wheel and get on any major freeway in the area. This is when people will totally throw their “LA driving style” out the window. It’s as if there is a policeman inside of your car staring at you. Every reach you would want to take for the radio is judged. Every lane change made without a signal is looked at with disdain. It also seems that every single person must have thought to get on the freeway as there is traffic no matter where you go. All for what? A centimeter of rain that totally “brings the oil up to the surface of the pavement” (which I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but buckle up! safety first!). There’s a good chance you’ll see a few brave motorcyclists making their weaves through traffic with just as much ease as usual – but thats because they’re already on a motorcycle! They’re not scared of anything! So just keep your cool, go with the flow (of traffic!) and you’ll be able to see a whole society crumble in their cars with such little water that a drought-ridden country wouldn’t be thrilled.

Word on the street is that the rain will persist through the weekend – perfect, just enough for us to get used to it before the sun comes back and provides a mind wipe, not much unlike a stolen iPhone. I was just getting used to going outside with an umbrella and an iced coffee. One things is certain about this weather though, it gives everyone the excuse to keep the air conditioning on, bundle up in a blanket with a cup of coffee, and watch a marathon of something. It’s Saturday. It’s ugly outside. I’ll get back my tan by Tuesday.

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