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Why the name Ditch? 

Well this is one I have never been asked before… Naw im playing every article always asks the same thing as a first question. The answer to that now lies within my crafted lyrics in my songs dating from my debut CD in 2005 to over 9 Cd’s later in 2013. So the answer to that one can be found within clues inside my music. Also there is other hidden messages, symbolism, meanings and cool stuff found withing my music and videos. Someone who takes the time to fully research me is someone who will be a fan for life because they will see my true meaning, my true message. I strongly believe in being my own boss and not slaving in a 9-5 job everyday, year after year, wasting my life away for someone elses dream. Its not like at the end of all this you can turn around and start over, so I live and enjoy and maximize every second of everyday, doing what I love to do which is perform and make music. I am very happy and proud of where im at in life.

Tell us a little bit about your background? 

Well I started making music in the mid 1990’s when I was in High School. I performed at some crazy parties, we mostly did cover songs like Danizg, stuff like that. One party we threw had 500 people at a friends parents house while they were away, I mean this was the party you see in movies. I forever cemented my name as a wild party thrower and performer at that one party, Project X has nothing on the party we had that night and what happened, except there were no flamethrowers, lots of fire but none that. Since then I have continued to build myself musically. I play guitar too and some keyboards, people dont know that about me. They see one thing: White Rapper: and dont look beyond into my musical diversity. If you can find me one song that sounds the same as my others ill give you $100, I have never been just one sided, one sounded. in 2003 I met Strap from Mansion Of Mayhem, he got me to record what I was already performing at shows. Since then I have opened for over 100 national touring acts, and played 650 shows all over the USA. From Seattle Hempfest for over 110,000 people to Mandalay Bay, The Palms Las Vegas, House Of Blues, and anywhere else you can or even cant think of. I really have done all of this myself, I have  a few web assistants but other than that all you see was built by me, by myself, DITCH.

How did you get into music?

The love of music, The love of performing for a crowd. The fun that goes into making something out of nothing and putting it on a CD and hearing it. To me its always been about performing, its never been about the money or hey I can get rich off doing this. It has always been about my passion and drive to perform and record. Money doesnt buy happiness, but doing what you love and getting paid to do it sure as fuck does. I was not in music class in school, I wasnt in band, I had to figure out what I love to do on my own. I graduated college from Chapman University in Orange, California studying law. I realized it wasnt what I wanted to to but I still graduated and use the knowledge I gained to propel myself in an industry full of fake people, liars, cheats, backstabbers and fakes.

What is your favorite genre of music? 

I love all kids of music, literally all kinds. Growing up it was: Motley Crue, Ice T, BDP, Anthrax,Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Digital Underground, Danzig, Pink Floyd, alot of the rap I listened to then is considered dated now, but I still fux with it. I like country at certain times, like on a road trip with a hot girl just riding, smoking and a good country song sets the vibe right. I like some rap of today but no much, not the hypnosis stuff on the radio. I like Gucci Mane, he is a real interesting mother fu***r, id like to record with him. I like 50 Cent, I like Lil Wayne sometimes, 2Chainz has grown on me I like his style and swag he is unique in a world full of the same. I like Waka Flocka- I have been doing angst punk like rap and crunked up stage shows since 2005 and some would say since 1995, so I like what he is doing with rap the energy is great at his shows. I never fit into any stereo type or genre, so I never stick to just one favorite genre more like I like something from every genre.

What inspires your songs? 

My real life, I DONT do gangster rap, I dont rap about stuff that I dont want in my life cuz I am a firm believer in what you sing about you will surely attract to you. I rap about my experiences. I rap about what its like to have money and what its like to not, because I have seen both sides of it.

What is your favorite album of all time? 

Pink Floyd The Division Bell, if you have not heard this 1991 album, you surely are depriving your self of a musical masterpiece. Listen to it from beggining to end, by yourself in headphones and it will take you on an amazing journey. For me there has never been another album that can do to you what that one can. One of the most amazing bands of all time, truly. They know stuff that some of us dont, that music comes from somewhere few of us can go. Pink Floyd truly have my respect at the most amazing sounds from music. To work with David Gilmour would be incredible, Im not even sure I could hang with someone of that musical caliber.

What is your ultimate goal? 

My ultimate goal would be to play Madison Square Garden with the building full of my fans. Now I set big goals, but I have not yet set one I didnt achieve. I believe in myself, I never ever ever ever let anyone bring me down on myself, this is MY life im living I will always achieve what I set out to do. Playing Seattle Hempfest for 110,000 people was a goal of mine for a long time and I did it. Someday I will shine at the level I am destined to shine. Alot of people are intimidated by my power, drive, determination and confidence. I had to build all of that, now a days im almost ready to thank the non believers they made me harden to a rock. Its hard to believe but there are Ditch haters out there, mostly at homeless shelters and under bridges, but they do exist.

Today music is about collaborations. What artist would you most like to collaborate with? 

Like I said above David Gilmour would be amazing. Another would definately be Trent Reznor that guy is also a genius.  Id like to work with Gucci Mane, Id still like to work with TI, 50 Cent would be an interesting combo with myself, Id like to someday work with the Buddah Master B Real from Cypress Hill I have always liked what he does and respect him greatly in the industry, I would like to work with Waka that would be wild we may blow the roof off of the studio that day. I have worked with people like Shock G, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and others that I grew up listening to but id like to work with some newer artists that I learned about later in life. I am 36 so im not the next young breaking star, no I am a guy whose been here a while working, grinding, not stopping for this. This is not a hobby to me this is my career. So at 36 I now have a catalog to listen to over the years and many people tell me when the discover my music: “You have a lot of songs I should have heard years ago”. Im telling you there is something to me, something to my music, not every one of my songs are good but if you listen to enough of them you will find some you really like.

Time to confess…what embarrassing song might we find on your iPod? 

Bruce Hornsby and The Range probably. I like one of their albums it has music from a movie I liked as a kid “White Water Summer”. Also Elton John is on there but that isn’t embarrassing, have you listened to some of this guys album stuff? The guy obviously is a musical genius, I believe his music comes from God. Im not worried or even thinking about the mans sexuality that doesn’t concern me, his music is incredible. The albums “The One” and “The Big Picture” were musical masterpieces.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes I play the guitar since I was young. I can also get into some good NIN type keyboard stuff.

What genre of music is your least favorite?  

Spanish music

What hidden talents do you have that we should know about?

I can sing in a very deep voice, my voice is naturally deep. So I can do that Danzig, Elvis type stuff really well.

Where can fans follow you for all your up to date information? 

lethaltendermusic.com is my official website.


Quick questions 

Favorite song: 2Chainz “Feds Watchin”, of mine Ditch “Bills”

Food: Pizza

Vacation destination: Palos Verdes, California Terranea Resort, PERIOD!

Drink: Patron

Color: Blue

Car: Ferrari

Gadget: iPhone 5



Yt: Ditch420

Fb: Ditch Moet