Relevant social media trends have a major impact on the social media presence of an influencer, creative professional, or business. Social media and social networks are powerful channels that may be used to market a brand. Nevertheless, social media is dynamic, not static.

Social media platforms constantly evolve which is why marketers need to be updated on the best social media trends. Keeping up with these trends will enable them to effectively engage with existing followers and reach out to potential customers.

Our special guest, the results-based growth marketing company Gold Lion Technologies, discusses the Social Media Trends 2022 that marketers should watch out for in the upcoming year.

10 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2022

Trend No. 1: The Emergence of Creative Influencers

The wide availability of creative tools has encouraged the rise of creative influencers in the social media world. Unlike typical influencers whose fame is based on their appearance or personality, creators draw the attention of the audience by making original content with the help of creative tools.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers may consider inviting creative influencers, not just traditional influencers, to become ambassadors for their brand. Influencers can level up their game by creating original content.

Trend No. 2: Increasing Interest in Augmented Reality (AR)

The recent investments in Augmented Reality (AR) ventures by key players in the technology industry have resulted in the growth of interest in virtual reality. Facebook recently changed its company name to Meta, while Microsoft has developed a metaverse for its Team platform called Mesh.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers and influencers should consider using AR platforms as a unique way to transform the experiences of their followers as they explore products and services online.

Trend No. 3: Widening Reach of Professional Social Networks

Social media is still widely used to create and maintain personal social connections. Nevertheless, it is now increasingly being used for professional purposes as well. LinkedIn is now one of the key players in the professional social networking field. The platform continues to roll out more features as it continues to gain more active users and engagements.

How to Leverage This Trend: Since there are fewer real-life venues for professional interactions during this pandemic, influencers and marketers should use LinkedIn to establish new business connections and strengthen existing ones.

Trend No. 4: Growing Popularity of Short-form Content

Short-form content is becoming the preferred format of many social media users, thanks to a combination of the short attention span of consumers and the overwhelming amount of available content. More people are turning to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Stories to view and share snapshots and video snippets for instant gratification.

How to Leverage This Trend: While continuing to post-traditional content, marketers should also experiment with short-term content to heighten their social media presence.

Trend No. 5: Rising Need for Social Media Accountability

here is a surging need for social media accounts in the modern world. Some social network platforms have security issues that may compromise the privacy of users. Other social media posts may potentially have a negative influence on the audience.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers should be updated on laws and regulations that are related to social media. Influencers should use social media platforms responsibly to gain the trust and respect of their followers.

Trend No. 6: The Major Role of Algorithms

Social media marketing is becoming more affected by the significant role of algorithms in social media news feeds and advertising. User experience is the key to optimizing these algorithms. The posts which are relevant to consumers are more visible than irrelevant ones.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers and influencers should share timely, educational content that customers will be interested to read or view to boost the visibility of their posts.

Trend No. 7: Availability of Social Selling Opportunities

Social selling demands have motivated influencers and business owners to use social media sites that allow customers to buy products within the platform itself. Facebook Market and Instagram’s Shoppable Stories are two examples of social selling opportunities.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers and influencers should provide their followers the option of using social media apps to buy their products or patronize their services.

Trend No. 8: The Advent of Niche Social Media Networks

Niche social media platforms grant people the opportunity to connect with like-minded persons who have the same special interests as them. The user base of these niche networks may not be as numerous as that of general social media apps, but the members of these communities tend to be loyal because of their common interests.

How to Leverage This Trend: Marketers and influencers should consider using niche social media platforms that particularly cater to their target audience.

Trend No. 9: Mental Health Awareness in Social Media

People are gradually becoming more aware of the impact of social media on the mental health of users. While it may help some persons to feel connected and validated, it may also cause others to feel tired and manipulated.

How to Leverage This Trend: Influencers and marketers should always be considerate of the mental health of their audience when they create social media posts.

Trend No. 10: Greater Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media influencers are growing to understand that social media marketing can result in more followers and customers. That’s why they are willing to invest more resources in improving their social media marketing strategies.

How to Leverage This Trend: Influencers and small business owners should consider hiring marketing professionals who can focus on enhancing their social media marketing campaigns.

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