Not so long ago, buying clothes online was considered a reckless decision. There weren’t enough guarantees to ensure the measurements, the quality, or even the authenticity of some of the online shops. We’ve all had our share with the “photo” vs. “reality” situations, or websites that deliver after three to four months through routes from China or Malaysia.

To this day, online shopping remains a controversial issue to some people. However, thanks to leaps in technology, buying clothes online has become a lot more accessible and safer.

With today’s fast paced world, people are inclining more and more towards online shopping, either to save time or to access the various collections at once. Also, if you’re an avid shopper, you know by heart that all it takes is a little digging to find cheaper and more valuable deals online.

To help you get the best out of your shopping experience, here are the only 10 tips you’ll need to follow when shopping for clothes online:

Check the store size guide

You would think that selecting the size would be an easy task. Well, it’s not. Before deciding to purchase any item, check out the store size guide to make sure that you pick out the right measurement. Lots of stores have their own guides or adhere to different systems for measurements. It’s important that you have your measurements taken by a tailor at some point. This will enable you to calculate your size in any system. For instance, U.S., European, etc. And even if you couldn’t decide it yourself, you can easily reach out to the store with your measurements and ask them about your most suitable size.

Take foot measurements

Relying on your shoe size would normally do if you’re shopping in a footwear store. However, online shops work a little differently. Some stores follow U.S. size sheets while others use the European systems. Just as we’ve mentioned in the first point, taking out your measurements is a great time saver and can also eliminate the risk of getting the wrong shoe size. It basically leaves no room for error which is every online shopper’s dream.

Fish for sales

Whenever you like an item, look for it on several online stores as prices and deals vary from one seller to another. Check out the online stores that pull of great value with affordable pricings. Dsquared2 Menswear is highly recommended for great discounts and deals on its collection. Online shoppers everywhere use word of mouth marketing to advertise for online stores they know and love. On top of that, what wins their hearts truly are stores with frequent deals and discounts.

Pick something you can pull off

We love lots of fashion style, but they don’t necessarily look good for us. Choose a style or an item you know you’d rock. Whenever you’re hesitant about buying a dress or a denim jeans, don’t judge the item by its photo or the model showcasing. It’s better to compare physique and think of how this item will look on your body type.

Choose the materials you like

Don’t follow the trend blindly. Selecting an item based on how hip it, without paying regards your personal preference is a big no-no. Select the materials you feel comfortable wearing. Not the ones that make you itch or cause your skin to go maniac red. Also, make sure to mind the weather you live in. If you reside in a cold climate, cotton wouldn’t be your best option. Opt for wool and heavy fiber.

Go for cuts that suit you

Refer back to your wardrobe and choose cuts that compliment your physique. Whether you rock V-necks, athletic fit, slim or bootleg jeans, they are probably your safest zone to shop from. If you feel like being adventurous, or just aspiring for change, head to a clothing store and try out the new cuts and lines that you want to go for in the future. Having the photographic memory in your head will help you in buying these items online later on.

Mind the extra things

These little details can make or break your purchase. It’s not only about the materials and the cuts. For instance, the type of the buttons, the zipper or the fly, etc. Because nobody understands your personal preferences but you, the store won’t highlight these small details in its bold headlines. So, you have to look for them in the product description carefully.

Read through the store return and shipping policies

Most online shoppers neglect this part, however crucial it is. Do not hesitate to contact the store about your concerns or if you don’t fully understand something. Also, another great hack is to check the reviews on the store’s return and shipping terms before you make the purchase. That way, you would know what to expect.

Keep an archive

If you’re an active online shopper or even if you’re a first timer, make sure to keep an archive with your online purchases. Your list should include your comments on the items, the measurements and basically anything you want to avoid the next time. This will help you when attempting to buy more clothes in the future.

Research, research, research!

The world of internet shopping is full of scams. To avoid any potential mishaps or disappointments, check out the reviews and comments made about the store beforehand. You’ll most definitely get a better glimpse about the website from their reviews. Utilize the versatile world of online shoppers on the Internet. Websites like Reddit, Facebook and Instagram are filled with communities who know and understand online shopping and would be happy to help. You can also look for tutorials made by aspiring video bloggers or fashion stylists who are keen to share the top places to shop from and what materials or experiences that scream trouble.

Online shopping is a great time-saving method to review and select from several collections and brands around the world. It’s one of those things that if you master properly, you can never go back.