When people think of summer, it’s always linked with swimwear, sun visors, skirts, and light dresses. For many women, summer is a favorite season as they get to enjoy the sun’s feeling on their skin.

Some places may be closed down now, but you aren’t out of luck for summer looks. Numerous clothing shops like Dainty Jewells offer a wide range of swimsuits, skirts, dresses, and accessories. Purchasing comfortable and trendy outfits for summer is just a breeze if you know where to find them.

Below are some trendy fashion outfit ideas that women can consider for summer.

Light colors

Light colors will allow you to feel cooler since black and other dark colors absorb more heat. These colors also exhibit vibrancy and an airy feel that signifies summer.

Natural makeup

Don’t wear heavy makeup on a hot summer day. Go for a natural and light one instead. Apply tinted balms, rose, pink, or nude stains, tinted moisturizers, and neutral eyeshadow instead of dark lipstick, heavy foundation, dark shadows, and heavy black eyeliner.
For a more stunning summer glow, dab a touch of liquid highlighter to your daily summer makeup, preferably on your nose bridge, brow bones, and tops of your cheekbones.

Skirts, dresses, and flowy tops

Go for light fabrics such as crochet, lace, chiffon, silk, and light cotton for a prettier summer vibe. Wear flowy clothing instead of skin-tight clothes. This is applicable for shorts, rompers, tops, skirts, and dresses.

The foremost reason for wearing light and flowy clothing is because of the hot temperature during summer and that any skin-tight clothes make you sweat more. Aside from this, summer and flowy dresses and tops always go together.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses

Off-the-shoulder clothing and dresses are fashionable and trendy during summer. They are considered as a fashion staple that anyone can wear all-year-round. Off-shoulder pieces enable you to attain a more comfortable summer style.


Go for a pair of aviators that will fit your face. Aviators never go out of style, and its timeless shape is ideal for both men and women.


Hats are also essential to beat the summer heat. They are regarded as a chic summer statement since they provide protection for your face against the sun’s harmful rays.

Rancher-style hats and wide brim straw fedoras offer even better sun protection compared to beach hats.

Braided hair or hair in a bun

Beach waves are trendy and sexy. Yet, if you do not have the time to fix your hair and follow the beach waves or curls style, you can wear it in a bun, ponytail, or braid it instead. The summer outfit that you select should also help you pick the type of hairstyle that you will be wearing.

Chino shorts

The chino shorts of women usually come in various lengths and colors, and these are not meant to be worn during resort weekends or boat trips only. Chinos are a better option than denim shorts since they are very comfortable.

This fashion clothing is something that you can store in your closet since it can be worn every summer.

Earth-toned jewelry

Do not wear dark or jewel-toned and large statement jewelry. Summer usually involves earth tones, so it’s better to accessorize with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in green, brown, pink, turquoise, gold, and blue. Brightly patterned cotton bracelets are also in-style during this season.

You can also wear numerous bracelets but keep your necklace and earrings more simple. Neutral colors also match your summer outfits since they exude a very light feel.

Striped shirts

Striped shirts are regarded as ideal summer outfits. It has a classic style and nautical vibe that makes it convenient to mix-and-match with various summer wear. If you only have one striped shirt, choose the three-quarter sleeve shirt in dark blue and light shades, or the classic boat neck.

Striped shirts should not be too horizontal or thick, and these can be matched with denim, pants, skirts, and shorts.

The abovementioned summer fashion ideas will eventually make you realize that you do not need to spend much to look fashionable. With a bit of creativity, you, too, can turn heads this summer.