Gems and stones started as decorative items for your home and even your whole outfit. Nowadays, gems and stones have been found to give off a certain kind of energy. Thus, the right gems and stones will not only add a touch of beauty in your rooms, but it’ll also energize rooms in your homes and give off good vibes. If you’re looking where to buy stones and gems, you can check out Conscious Items.

Here are just some of the gems and stones that are perfect for every space in your home.

1. Carnelian in your Kitchen

You know what they say about food–food that’s made with love is the best kind in the world. With that, there’s a stone that can help you in achieving that. Carnelian, which is bright orange in color, can help boost your stamina, creativity, and motivation.

When cooking, you need all the help you can get because it can be draining and exhausting. Carnelian can help you with that while, at the same time, putting more color into your kitchen.

2. Selenite and Rose Quarts in your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a space where you can relax and get some rest. Fortunately, there are stones and gems that can promote calmness, relaxation, and even sleep. One of the gems that can do this is Selenite.

Selenite can be placed under your bed or pillow to help you have sweet dreams and get a good sleep. This crystal can also cleanse the atmosphere and uplift the energy in your bedroom.

The bedroom is also where you want to feel love and peace. With that, rose quartz can help you since it connects with the heart chakra. By connecting to the heart chakra, it can cultivate love in a relationship and open you up to vulnerabilities. Having Rose Quartz in your room can also enhance your emotions and influence forgiveness, lower stress levels, and soothe tensions.

3. Green Aventurine for your Garden

If you have a garden in your home, there’s also a gem that can help your plants–Green Aventurine.

The Green Aventurine promotes longevity and growth. So, putting this near your plants will help your plants flourish, grow beautifully, and survive longer in your garden.

4. Amethyst and Fluorite in your Living Room

To relieve stress and create a rejuvenating and relaxing environment in the living room, you can add Amethyst on the side tables. Amethyst is a gem that can clear out negativity in the space and promote positive energy. It also brings love and light into the living room, the space where you hang out with your family and friends.

Another stone you can add in your living room is Fluorite. Fluorite is a stone that can promote harmony and balance in a particular space. Hence, it can help you find the balance that you need and unclog all the worries and stress in your mind. This can encourage harmonious hangout sessions with family and friends, and also cultivate relaxing nights in your living room. This will also prevent heated up conversations and arguments, leading to fights happening in your living room.

5. Himalayan Salt Rocks and Clear Quartz in your Bathroom

You can also add some gems and stones in your bathroom. Aside from decorating your bathroom, Himalayan Salt Rocks can help purify the aura within a room. You can even add a few spoonfuls of Himalayan Salt Rocks into your bath to relieve stress and tension in your body and mind. By soaking the water with Himalayan Salt Rocks, and you’ll feel relief in your muscles as well as your spirit.

Clear Quartz is also a stone that you can add in your bathroom because it’s a cleansing stone. A Clear Quartz in your bathroom can help purify your spirits while you also cleanse your body. The properties of a stone are enhanced when the same kind of energy is going around, so cleaning your body while having that stone around will enhance the cleansing properties of the Clear Quartz.

Black Tourmaline by your Doorway

The Doorway is the entryway for anything or anyone who wants to come into your home. Because you never know what might happen, it’s best to get all the protection that you can.

With that said, the Black Tourmaline stone is thought to project protective energy. This will keep negative energy from entering your home. In addition to that, it can also cleanse the energy in that particular area.

Citrine, Shungite, and Pyrite in your Work Space or Home Office

What you want in your workspace is to trigger energy that’ll promote productivity and growth. Citrine is a stone that’s thought to promote financial success and growth. In addition to that, it can also act as a cleansing mechanism against negative energy. Moreover, the distinct shade of orange will make your workspace have a splash of color.

Another stone to jazz up your workspace or home office is Shungite. Shungite, which is only found in Russia, can counteract and absorb radiation coming out from electronic devices that you’re using for work. Most probably, your home office will be full of gadgets. Hence, protect yourself from harmful radiation by keeping Shungite close by.

On the other hand, pyrite can also be used to promote ideas, increase productivity, and enhance confidence. By having Pyrite, you can have the energy to draw in more abundance and motivation. When working, what you need is focus and motivation. If you’re struggling with that, having Pyrite in the space where you usually work will help you get more energy and motivation to be more productive.


Placing the right gems and stones in the correct rooms will help boost your well-being and energy. To maximize its utility, it’s crucial to know what the specialty or properties each gem or stone holds so that you can place it properly in your home. Follow the guide above, and enjoy the stones and gems around your house.