Wedding hashtags on Instagram are fast becoming a memorable part of the modern wedding concept because they have multiple functions. From drawing attention to a glamorous wedding, keeping all media (pictures and videos) easily accessible and organized, and creating excitement and hype around a wonderfully happy time in people’s lives, Instagram wedding hashtags are essential today.

12 Wedding Hashtags That Are Trending On Instagram

When it comes to choosing your personal wedding hashtag, you definitely want something unique to your love story. Using your names, quirky things about you, your favorite movie, or quote can help make your hashtag memorable. Here are some great examples of catchy and unique wedding hashtags on Instagram. These may get your creative juices flowing and help you write a hashtag for your wedding that no one will forget:

1. #sterningdownthehouse
2. #nomannforshan
3. #mcdonaldsFOREver
4. #nooneELSforJAy
5. #pohlymatrimony
6. #kellyscupofjoe
7. #tohaveandtoholton
8. #onehaleofawedding
9. #mayatheFordsbewithyou
10. #morganhebargainedfor
11. #bigfatharrywedding
12. #Tilldeathdousparty

How To Find Trending Wedding Instagram Hashtags

Wedding hashtags are an essential addition to your festivities because, firstly, they’re incredibly practical. Second, suppose you’re looking to grow a blog that deals exclusively with wedding preparations, inspiration, and all-things bridal. In that case, a wedding hashtag can really add that element of individuality and help people reach your content. Not to mention it also increases your chances of going viral or creating a trend because followers will know which hashtag to use to repost your content or to share their own recreations of it.

A well-crafted wedding hashtag is a perfect way to group all the photographs, collages, videos, and boomerangs from your wedding. These have been shot by guests and friends or by professional photographers at the event. This means both you, wedding guests, and even people that weren’t invited or couldn’t come can relish in the precious memories of your big day. Lastly, a wedding hashtag creates the feeling of an ongoing campaign. So why shouldn’t your wedding be a trend in itself that reflects your taste, preferences, and killer design aesthetic?

There are many ways to come up with the ideal wedding hashtag. You can take time to brainstorm a hashtag that indicates an inside joke with friends or family, or you can use online generators and examples, or even hire a writer to learn about your life’s story and craft the perfect wordplay and catchy wedding hashtag.

Try A Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

While planning a wedding, you probably don’t have time to sit down and come up with a fantastic wedding hashtag, or you may simply have incurred an inconvenient case of writer’s block. For instances like this, a free wedding hashtag generator! It can be a good starting point. Free wedding hashtag generators typically ask you for a few personal details (names, dates of birth) and other details and then come up with dozens of possible options. Since a free wedding hashtag generator produces fairly generic responses, you may want to consider it a brainstorming tool that you can use to improve the possibilities as you see fit.

Create Your Own

No one knows your personality, taste, or love story better than you do. If you have the time and motivation, the best way to develop a wedding hashtag is to do it yourself. Start by making a list of specific details such as names or wordplay on important events such as how you met. If you’re having a fairytale-themed wedding, for example, consider incorporating the fairytale vibe into your hashtag. Tune your choices to include alliterations, puns, or other witty takes on the words. You also need your wedding hashtag to stand out, so consider using capital letters, numbers, or other unique additions to the text. Once you’ve made a shortlist, you can run your options through friends and family to get a second opinion.

Use A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

Hiring a professional wedding hashtag service is another excellent option that combines the best of both worlds. Not only do you get high-quality professionally written wedding hashtags, but the writer will also personalize them. This is because the professional writers know the best details to gather from the couple. For example, wedding hashtag services like Wedding Hashers have a team of gifted and experienced hashtag writers that are all about crafting a narrative with their hashtags and not simply churning out a similar-sounding hashtag like the trending ones you can find online or on social media.

The more unique, concise, and enigmatic the hashtag is, the more chances it’ll encourage a cascade of followers who want to get on that bandwagon. By hiring a professional wedding hashtag service, you get an infinitely more creative hashtag result that sounds different and exciting and is ready to influence the world. Your wedding is unique, and you need a hashtag to match, ideally, one that’s easy to write and pronounce, but still stands out from the crowd.

Top 12 Wedding Hashtags For Your Posts

Now, when it comes to sharing your wedding photos on social media you’ll want to include more than just your own wedding hashtag. Here are some of the most popular wedding hashtags that might help your wedding day photos and love story go viral. Add these wedding hashtags to each of your posts along with your personal wedding hashtag for maximum exposure.

#WeddingDay – (44.9M posts)
#WeddingStyle- (7.4M posts)
#WeddingInspo- (10.7M posts)
#MrAndMrs- (3.3M posts)
#LoveStory- (18.6M posts)
#WeddingPhoto – (8.7M posts)
#WeddingDecor – (10.8M posts)
#WeddingGuest – (3.3M posts)
#NotTwoButOne – (1000+ posts)
#HappilyEverAfter – (2.7M posts)
#WeddingsOfInstagram – (580k posts)
#WeddingIdeas – (13.5M posts)

Express Your Love

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one you’ll never forget. And a wedding hashtag is one of those must-have indulgences to get your wedding the love and attention it deserves, especially if you want to share it with the world. Since wedding hashtags make it to wedding banners and other decor, invitations, and even wedding props, they’re a beautiful chance to express yourself as well. If you’ve always wanted to use a pun from your favorite movie or series, now’s the time to do so and immortalize your love story.