Marketers know how quickly the marketing world moves. It is constantly evolving, and what you know and use today may no longer be the trend tomorrow. If you pay attention to the marketing trends year after year, you can easily see how quickly the market changes. With that said, now’s the time we delve into 2022 marketing trends and what to expect when the year ends.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing used to be just a trend but is expected to be a common marketing strategy when 2022 comes. Plenty of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns this year, and many say it’s effective.

It’s not surprising that influencer marketing evolved to more than just a trend as it’s highly effective in boosting brand awareness. After all, influencers are already an authority in their topics and platforms. They have the audience and know how to engage them. Collaborating with influencers, even micro-influencers, can surely benefit your brand.

Customer-Driven Content Marketing

Customer-driven content marketing is expected to become a norm in 2022, seeing as user-generated content significantly increased over the past couple of years. Besides this, there is also an increase in social commerce and content-driven communities. They are a testament to how customers are becoming the core of marketing.

By customer-driven content, we mean brands won’t just capture leads – they will generate demand. Brands will be focusing more on targeting their niche and catering to the needs of their customers. Their strategy will involve building customer loyalty and ensuring they use customer feedback wisely.

Hybrid Events

Online and virtual events became the standard during the global pandemic out of necessity. Marketers need events to connect with customers, engage with clients, and boost awareness. However, events had to shift online due to the pandemic. The plus side is that digital events became popular, with marketers investing more on digital platforms.

Restrictions are easing, but the new normal is expected to remain for some time. There will still be quarantines and regulations, making it difficult to travel around freely. This means that event organizers have to develop ideas to allow would-be attendees to enjoy the events they’re planning to host.

Short-Form Content

One of the 2022 marketing trends that marketers are investing in is short-form content. It is already a trend that many marketing professionals are leveraging as it is effective when it comes to engagement. Short-form content such as short-form videos are more engaging and align well with the short attention spans of most online users.

A good example that can show how effective short-form videos are is the popularity of Snapchat, Reels, and TikTok. Since their inception, they have been extremely popular to a broad demographic. All three promptly grew and earned marketing interest for their performance and engagement potential.

Social Responsibility

At the center of modern marketing strategy is the customer, and for modern customers, social responsibility is of importance. That’s why we expect that companies will be prioritizing it more in the coming year. Though there is limited evidence that it actually affects campaign performance or engagement numerically, brands can improve their ad’s public reception and gain a positive reputation for being an ethical company.

Of particular importance to audiences, especially younger demographics, is climate change, diversity, and fair worker treatment. Marketing campaigns will be expected to show more transparency than ever so companies can connect with their audiences.

Mobile Optimization

Millennials and Gen Zs have consistently growing buying power, making mobile-optimized digital experiences significant for businesses. Consumers spend more and more of their time online via mobile devices. Business owners and marketers need mobile optimization to cater to these audiences.

Mobile optimization is not only essential on business websites – it’s also essential for other channels such as email. Amidst this continuing shift to mobile devices, companies will struggle to keep up with reaching their audiences if they can’t optimize their content.

Experiential Marketing

There is a chance that experiential marketing will be back on the table again. Global marketing professionals are seeing the possibility of it becoming one of the biggest 2022 marketing trends, seeing as digitally immersive platforms are becoming more accessible. At the same time, public areas are also slowly reopening.

Experiential marketing allows audiences to engage with an immersive and memorable experience. Experiential marketing campaigns are highly shareable and a strong contributor to brand loyalty. While there are countless examples out there, in the past, some brands had success with starting everything from themed pop-up cafes to car washes.

Some physical experiences are expected to return as the world returns to normalcy. However, some brands are expected to venture into other means of experiential marketing, such as through AR and VR technologies.

Permanent Social Media Posts

Ephemeral content is still as popular as ever. People still like the idea of published posts stay staying for only 24 hours and then disappearing, as these is a sense of exclusivity and excitement.

However, marketers see permanent social media posts as more effective in certain marketing campaigns. Most global marketers still prefer standard posts, as they can boost SEO and may continue to gain traction long after their initial posting date.

If you are looking to generate a solid ROI, it really isn’t the best strategy to use ephemeral content. Instead, you can use both types of content to leverage their advantages.

Ephemeral content brings about urgency, while permanent content provides ongoing engagement. In the end, brands will be the ones to decide which to use based on their pros and cons.


You’re now familiar with some of the expected 2022 marketing trends, but only for now. As we said before, the marketing world moves so quickly that it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the latest developments. You have to remain aware if you don’t want your business to fall behind. But if you need marketing help, you can always reach out to our marketing experts at Gold Lion Technologies.