Smokers or non-smokers, both parties know the pan of nicotine addiction as it directly or indirectly affects them. Tobacco causes numerous diseases to smokers and passive smokers alike. Specifically, active smokers are more likely to get many types of cancer, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, heart disease and stroke to name a few. In addition, second-hand smoke (SHS) or else, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is extremely harmful and can cause cancer even to people who have never smoked but live or spend time with smokers.

For people who are willing to quit smoking, the trouble does not simply end at making the decision. Despite the many promises you make to your family and the number of steps you take to quit smoking, your body and mind are prone to eventual relapse, making all your cessation plans result in failure and in you feeling discouraged and disappointed. For many smokers, it takes up to 30 attempts to quit successfully.

Quitting smoking without any help is hard. So even if you try to deny it, when it comes to overcoming an addiction, you need help. And help is what this article is going to provide you.

Here are some of the pre-tested and valid steps you are advised to take before you head on to quitting smoking.

Selecting the quit smoking method

The world of quitting smoking is filled with a lot of methods and tips but unfortunately, not all tips are effective for all kinds of smokers. While going cold turkey may help some of the smokers and it’s healthy, it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms in other smokers such as headaches, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, hunger, thirst, irritability, change of sleeping patterns, poor concentration, and constipation among other things.

Similarly, the use of quit smoking products such as the nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, nicotine sprays, inhalers or vaping, may not prove to be as effective for you than they do for some smokers or they may work only for a short period of time, as products containing nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes, maintain your addiction.

Another option is medication like Zyban, Chantix or Champix that works for some people while causes depression to others. The question which arises here is how you can select the perfect smoking cessation method for yourself? Well, the simple answer is, there is no perfect method and you may very well have to try a number of methods before finding the one which suits you the best.

This hit and trial method are unsafe and time-consuming. To save yourself from the pain and frustration of quitting smoking, it is important that you do thorough research on all the available options. Ask people you know have quit, search on the internet, dive into the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and ask yourself what can work for you.
In this way, you can find some very effective natural and permanent smoking cessation method which suits your body, psychology and mentality the best.

What you need to remember is that any quit smoking method is better than trying to quit unassisted. Make sure you read how nicotine affects your body and your brain. Moreover, search about what to expect from the first few weeks after stopping smoking. If you have the wrong or unrealistic expectations or if you have no expectations at all, you might end up giving up on your stop smoking attempt. However, understanding what might happen will allow you to prepare accordingly and face any hurdles. Also, knowing that things will get better along with having a plan for the challenging times will bring you closer to quitting successfully.

Gather your supplies

Almost all of the scientific and natural smoking cessation methods involve the use of a number of natural supplies. These supplies range from fruit juices, flavored toothpicks, and cinnamon sticks. Before you decide on quitting smoking it is important to be prepared for all the upcoming stages along the way.

Fruit juices are an essential part of natural smoking cessation methods as they alleviate the side effects resulting from quitting smoking. It is preferred that you make your own fruit juices in your kitchen as they are more nutritious and natural. Similarly, the flavored toothpicks will help in keeping you busy when you feel the urge to smoke or feel you need to hold something in the place of the cigarette. All of these supplies are not only easy to collect but also simple to store and consume.

Apart from edible products, you can benefit from buying toys such as stress-balls. A stress-ball can keep you occupied. You can use it instead of a cigarette when you feel anxious, bored or even irritated. You can use it at your office, while stuck in traffic, in an argument or even while watching TV or talking on the phone. Visit your closest utility store or mart and gather a handful of these supplies.

Relaxation is necessary

Quitting smoking is a stressful activity and it is easy to lose determination along the way. Most smokers see smoking as a reward or relaxation aid so it is important that you keep yourself motivated, relaxed and rewarded while stopping smoking. Doing that, will help you stick to your plans. To make sure you stay motivated and relaxed, it’s best to plan ahead for your reward. Don’t leave this to chance as your busy life might prevent you from treating yourself.

Instead, plan once a week a relaxing activity to dust off the stress of past days. Doing so will keep you determined to quit smoking and help you get rid of it completely in the long run.

Some anti-stressing activities you could try are visiting a spa, taking a bubble bath, going to the gym, going shopping, treating yourself to a nice meal or dessert, meditate, go to a yoga class, talk to a friend or take on a new hobby or sport. Here’s a list of 40 things you can do to relax on a daily basis.