Did you know that 42% of small businesses go under because they don’t generate enough demand? If you’re in the growing construction industry, you need a way to emerge from the competition. This is particularly true if your business has flatlined lately — and you haven’t invested much time in marketing.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost interest. Keep reading to learn about 3 effective ways to advertise your construction company!

1. Give Your Construction Business a Social Media Presence 

One of the best ways to market your construction company is through an active social media presence. Create business profiles on Facebook or Instagram, and commit to posting several times per week. Weekday afternoons tend to be the peak times when people will be browsing these sites.

Post pictures of ongoing projects as well as videos showing behind-the-scenes work. Toss out questions in your posts, too, to help engage readers. Perhaps most importantly, take the time to respond to all comments or questions since doing so is a form of customer service.

Posting on multiple social media platforms can feel like a full-time job. That’s why outsourcing marketing efforts and lead generation can free you up to focus on your business details. Click here to find the best solution to marketing your construction business!

2. Send Weekly Email Blasts

Construction company marketing techniques should include email blasts, as well. These recognize that not everyone cares about using social media. And they’re an easy place to insert links to your website and attach coupons.

You may be able to generate an email list using a form on your construction company website. Provide opportunities there as well as on social media platforms for interested people to sign up for updates from your company.

Include your logo and contact information in email blasts. And use the content to tease anticipated promotions or showcase impressive results.

3. Keep Your Construction Company Website Current

If you’ve created a website for your construction business, your job isn’t over. That’s because you need to ensure that your website remains current with the newest promotions, images, or testimonials. Plus you’ll want to include a blog to help drive traffic to your site.

Update your site with quality pictures from recent clients. For instance, you could include before and after pictures of a home remodel. Better yet, humanize the experience by inviting happy clients to provide positive reviews on your site.

Then, to go a step further, use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in all tags, texts, and blog posts. You’ll need to determine what keywords people would use to find you online, and embed them in your content. Plan on updating these SEO keywords periodically, too.

Learn How to Market Your Construction Company

When you make marketing your construction company a priority, you can build name value and attract new clients. Focus on optimizing your website with new and keyword-rich content. Create a presence on social media sites, and don’t overlook the value of regular emails.

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