It can be very difficult dealing with emotional pain. Unlike physical pain, it is harder to know the source of emotional pain. So sometimes, it can be much harder to deal with.

It is not uncommon to just block out painful emotions and put on a brave space. But burying emotions can cause more problems in the long term – it isn’t really a solution. Sometimes it can be helpful to speak to a trusted psychic, as they are able to see what you are struggling with more clearly.

The best way to deal with these emotions is to face them. By doing so you can effectively process them and move on.

Here are 6 potential reasons why your in emotional pain:


The after effects of guilt affects us all in different ways, as it is so personal to each of us. Guilt can be caused by wronging a fellow human, or sometimes it can be brought on by having less hardships than those around you.

The best way to overcome this emotion is to apologize to the person you did wrong too. Or if it is guilt caused by something out of your control, accept that it is just that – out of your control.


Rejection also comes in many forms – it might be rejection in a professional context, or in our relationships. It might be a full on break up, or sneak up on you in the form of someone not replying to your message or not being invited to an event.

This emotion can leave you feeling worthless. So, to overcome this emotion it is important to focus on your self-worth. You can do this by making lists of your strengths, and really learning to spend time on your own.


Loneliness causes a great deal of emotional pain. It can be difficult to get over this emotional pain. Once you feel this way, it can also be hard to put yourself out there and make new friends. Getting in touch with old ones can be equally challenging.

But, the best way to overcome this is by forcing yourself to do new activities. You likely won’t feel like it, but after you have done it you won’t regret it.

Good luck!