It seems like it’s been forever since you and your sweetie have been out for a date night. But this weekend, you have both cleared your schedules and are ready to paint the town red — and you want to look amazing while you’re out with your significant other. Here are three ways to achieve a bold, dramatic and fabulous look.

1. Create luxurious lashes and smokey eyes

A great way to highlight your eyes is with eyelash extensions. Rather than trying to apply clumpy mascara every day, eyelash extensions look amazing on their own and can usually be worn for six to eight weeks. To be sure your eyelashes look as stunning as possible for date night, have all the eyelash extension supplies you will need.

Make your eyes stand out by complementing the gorgeous lash extensions with a smokey eyeshadow. It’s wise to practice a new makeup look before taking it out on the town; if you need help for the first go-around, it’s easy to find online makeup tutorials to walk you through it.

2. Go for a bold look in lipstick

As Beauty Blitz notes, one of the biggest beauty statements for fall is a bold lip. If you normally do not wear a lot of lipstick, visit a local cosmetics counter in a department store for advice on what shades will complement your skin tone. On date night, start by applying a lip balm, this will help ensure that your lips are smooth and not chapped. Let the lip balm soak into your lips for about 10 minutes and then blot it off with a tissue. Next, line your lips with a color that matches the natural color of your lips, add a dab of concealer and then apply the lipstick either right out of the tube or with a lip brush. When finished, set the bold look with blotting papers.

3. Splurge on a colorful new outfit

Don’t let your eyes and lips get all of the fun of new colors — your date night outfit should stand out, too. Just for fun, choose something you wouldn’t normally wear, like an eye-catching pattern or combo of bright colors. If you are headed to a fancy restaurant, a colorful dress with bright red heels is a great choice or if you are going to a concert, dyed jeans with a patterned top would be a perfect look.

Enjoy that night out!

You and your sweetie will have so much fun on your night out, you won’t let so much time pass again before your next date. You and he will also enjoy your new look as you get out for a well-deserved night on the town.