Imagine this scenario: you are in the market for a new barbecue, so you head to a local shop that sells all types of grills. The salesperson answers your questions in a flat tone, and doesn’t seem to like any of the barbecues that much, let alone a freshly-grilled burger. While she has the basic info about the products, the salesperson has no emotion, sparkle or oomph when she speaks.

Now envision this scene: you head to the same store for the barbecue and you are helped by a salesperson who is clearly passionate about grilling and knows the products really well. You can tell this guy loves his BBQ and everything related to grills, and is genuinely excited that you are going to buy a new barbecue and enjoy some delicious steaks that night for dinner.

Which salesperson would you be more likely to buy from? The first one, who was barely phoning it in, or the second one, who was clearly really into his work and what he was selling?

If you answered “the second one,” you are not alone. This BBQ-enthusiastic sales guy illustrates how you need to have a genuine love for the products that you are selling. As for more reasons why you should sell only what you actually like, please consider the following:

1. You Know the “Why” of the Product

Successful salespeople are very adept at answering the “why” questions in regards to a product, including why is the product better, why does a person need it, and why should your customers believe you? If you truly like what you are selling, it will be much easier to explain why the products stand apart from the competition and why someone should spend their hard-earned money on it.

2. It is Easier to Sell What You Already Know

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra money at a sales side hustle, it will be much easier to sell what you already use and like. For instance, if you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and want to get into direct sales, and you already are a loyal customer of a company such as Amway, it would make sense to sign up with Amway to make money online. You probably already tell your friends and family all about your beauty routine with the Artistry products or how you keep your home sparkling clean with the company’s household products, so it makes sense to earn some extra money by selling what you already know and love.

3. You Can Be Excited About It

Most successful salespeople have a genuine belief in what they are selling, and are really good at sharing that passion with their customers. As Sales Navigator author and speaker Troy Harrison notes, if you do your job without excitement it’s not selling, it’s pontificating. On the other hand, those who are passionate about the products can not only explain the basic features, they can get the customer excited about the outcome of purchasing the item. For instance, the sales guy who loves to grill helped you to want to buy the experience of cooking delicious BBQ foods that you’ll share with family and friends. If you don’t really like the items you are talking about, it will be hard to get customers to envision the experiences the products will provide them.

Follow Your Interests in Sales

As you can see, it is far easier to be a successful salesperson when you truly love what you are selling. From knowing the products inside and using them already to helping customers to imagine how much better their lives will be if they own them, being passionate and excited about what you sell will definitely help you in your career.