Coming up with a beat is not as easy as it sounds. It involves hard work, and any creative mind will tell you that they spend a lot of time thinking about the instrumentals than anything else.

Therefore, as the musician, you have to work extra hard to look for the best beats that could suit your rhythm, the emotion behind the song, and the message you would like to communicate to your audience.

If you go to the web, you will meet many producers. However, landing the best ones is not that easy, since many things will determine whether you were successful at it or not. Our article today provides tips when you are purchasing these beats online.

1. The music genre

Music is vast. The best musicians in the industry think about the type that they want to get into. If you are new to it, take time to analyze your personality, the things you like and dislike, and you will find a voice, which will, in turn, produce the kind of genre you love.

Once you decide, go to YouTube, and search for those that fit your preferred genre. It may take time and once you find a suitable beat, look for the producer. Most of them post the beats they produce on third-party websites for marketing purposes.

In addition to that, you have to consider the tempo and the key. A song’s tempo is the speed of the beat while the key that you pick should be comfortable when you sing; otherwise, if you produce the music with an uncomfortable key, you will strain your vocal cord, which can be harmful if you do it repeatedly.

2. Pricing of the beat

Some beats come free while others require you to pay a certain amount to get the whole copy. Musicians who want the hit exclusively will have to buy it at a higher price than the individual who will not have a problem crediting the beat producer.

By giving credit, you will have to mention him or her as the owner in the middle of the song. That is the reason it may cost you less for that particular beat. When you find a good producer, subscribe to their email lists because some of them give discounts to people in their email list.

As mentioned earlier, producers place the beats in third-party websites, which means that you will have to determine their authenticity by communicating with them. If they send you something different from the sample, then they are not legit.

3. Download beats from trusted websites

The online game is quite tricky, especially if you are new to it. One reason for this is that conmen are everywhere and their main intention is to get money from you or attack your pc with a virus. Secondly, getting to know the true ones from the others is another problem.

Always get beats from trusted sites. Examine the owner, how authentic they are, read reviews from clients, and run a background check on the third party websites that these people upload some of their beats.

Trusted websites will do everything it takes to ensure that they provide reputable beats so that you can come back to them. Ask for sample beats and compare them with the original hit. If the mix is off, then do not buy it.


Do not neglect upcoming producers. They, too, can develop excellent beats, which could turn your song into a massive hit. Experiment as many rhythms as you can until you find the one that connects with your message and intention.