We all dream of having a giant wardrobe full of countless items for each season. In reality, however, most of us only have limited space — and a limited budget — to work with. Such is life.

One great way to cope, though, is by always trying to maximize versatility. To make this your plan, multi-use garments and accessories are the name of the game.

What good is a big, thick parka for nine months of the year? Will you really get much use out of yet another pair of flip flops when you already have more than you can wear in any given summer? Are you stuck with a bunch of things that take up space for 364 days of the year just to be pulled out once?

Instead, look to secure as many items as you can that will work — in one capacity or another — across all seasons. As you look to build up your closet, try to look for the following year-round fashion trends that are worth investing in.

1. Think Light and Layered

As a rule, it’s better to buy clothing items that are thinner in design and feel rather than thicker garments. A heavy wool sweater truly can be divine next to a fire around New Year’s in New England. But that application might be quite limited, especially if you don’t live in the Northeast.

A thin sweater, by contrast, works great on a breezy summer evening, chilly April day or as part of a layered look in the winter. Even better is a cardigan that gives you even more temperature control by opening or closing the buttons. Something thin can always become part of a warmer outfit, but a thicker piece of clothing will have no function most of the year.

2. Dress Up or Dress Down

Another key strategy is to find things that work in a number of situations. If you can dress something up for business casual but then feel great wearing the same thing to brunch with your friends, then that’s a win/win. Smart jeans are a classic example, and blazers can fit the bill, too.

Don’t only think about the obvious, though. A skirt that helps you look great in a meeting could perhaps be paired over leggings in the fall in a more relaxed setting. Or, maybe that pattered scarf can become a hair wrap in the summer. Would that cute summer dress work for your next wedding invite? Get creative and look for as many uses as possible.

3. Buy Multipurpose Undergarments

There are a few things we wear year-round no matter what. Our undergarments, for most people anyway, are simply non-negotiable, and you’ll definitely want a few items that help take things up a notch.

For both our partners and ourselves — when we want to feel confident and sexy — lingerie or garters are just what the doctor ordered. These pieces don’t have to be reserved just for the bedroom, though. Indeed, the right types can work just as well under tanks in the summer or even jackets in the colder seasons. Don’t just think of these as intimate garments.

Looking Great 24/7/365

Fashion is more art than science, but some simple math can really help you stretch your wardrobe — and your money. What good are 30 one-use items? Isn’t it much better to own 15 things that you can mix and match year-round in different combinations?

To make it work for you, think thin and light over thick and heavy. Look for items you can both dress up and dress down depending on the occasion. And don’t forget about the lingerie that can be just for alone time or worn while out on the town.

If you invest in the right items and the right trends, everything will go that much further. After all, versatility will never go out of fashion.