It happens at times you walk into your house and just say ‘ugh’. You feel like tearing the whole place down and starting anew. What used to look nice is now looking old and boring. You want a change, the house is screaming ‘change me!’ but you don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your house look new and up-to-date instantly without too much fuss. Let’s show you some of those ways right now.

1. Space

Even if your home is small, you want to create the illusion of space. Most of us have at least one hideous or bulky piece that we don’t like or need. Simply get rid of it or donate it. If you do like the piece, a change of color to a softer tone will help create space. Neutral tones work better when wanting to ‘show’ there’s more space when there’s really not. Lack of space is often the reason why people like to buy or use something versatile.

Mirrors are also known to trick the eye into thinking there’s more space. Place mirrors opposite any windows you have. This reflects the sunlight in more, making the space seem wider.

2. Colors

Earth tone colors are alright, but quite passé. People now use softer, lighter tones. To balance that out, colorful accented pieces have been all the rage. This could be something as simple as brightly designed couch pillows or cushions. It’s more important that your house blends rather than matches.

3. Metals & Lighting

Matte black, matte gold, brushed nickel are all types of metals that are making their way in and pushing aside shiny gold, and chrome. You can incorporate metals into home décor through lamp stands, clocks, centerpieces, or lighting for example.

Weak lighting in an old house only makes it look older. Try using floor lamps and table lamps. Many people still prefer ceiling fixtures, but actually they’re becoming rather outdated. Go bold with new and trendy designs in lamps and lighting. With bright lights, you’re on your way to a much more modern look.

4. Knobs, Faucets and Kitchen Cabinets

Too many people think it’s a dauntless task to revamp the kitchen, when it’s really quite simple. More likely than not, your cabinets need a new paint job. The choice of colors are just too many, but small kitchens look chicer with whites and off-whites, and natural wood. You can go with a combo of colors such as blue, copper, and brown. Color choice might often depend on how much natural light gets into your kitchen. Knobs and faucets are small items that make big changes. It’s really about out with the old, in with the new.

A new paint job in the house, with a little bit of rearrangements might be all you need. Yet, often it’s our furniture also that has been tried and tested for too long. Simple, bright, colourful additions that blend in your home is your welcome mat to a modern looking house.