Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or moving for the 100th time, the to-do list is a lengthy one. Next to planning the logistics of your move, the largest task is decorating your new home. Adding your personal touch to an apartment can be a little tricky with limited space. Luckily, this guide is here to help inspire your creative side.

1. The Windows

Bare windows can leave any room looking unfinished and bland, but you don’t have to go all out to decorate them either. While blinds and curtains offer a simple fix with plenty of styles to choose from, window treatments allow you to add a little privacy without taking up any space.

The benefit here is that blinds and curtains can leave a small room feeling overcrowded once the rest of your furniture is in place. Window treatments also allow you to choose from neutral shades to bold colors and geometric patterns to add a little flair.

2. The Lights

While there are higher-end homes with modern finishes (these Pleasanton apartments are luxurious), most apartments come pre-equipped with basic, boring light fixtures. Instead of viewing that as a downside, look at it as a simple opportunity to breathe new life into your living spaces.

Replacing these fixtures is a simple DIY project you can do in less than 30 minutes. While you’re at it, consider adding a few different light sources to your rooms as well. Table lamps, pendant lights, and under-cabinet lighting are all excellent ways to create new vibes throughout your apartment.

3. The Living Room

There are four essentials for every living room. First, a sofa is required for the obvious reasons (it’s comfy and you need a place to sit). Second, a coffee table gives you a place to set things down or add decoration. Third, a little wall art goes a long way in sprucing up this space with your own style.

Finally, there’s the TV cabinet. Wall mounted TVs are common in homes and apartments these days, but you can still place one of these pieces of furniture below your TV for added storage space. Thanks to their shelves, doors, and drawers, you can decorate this piece while keeping your electronics close by.

4. The Kitchen

Apartments often share their dining room and kitchen space, which helps you knock out two rooms at once. Since your appliances are already in place, all you really need to worry about is the dining room aspect (outside of a few nick knacks and a Keurig on your counter).

Dining room décor is as simple as a table and a few chairs. These furniture pieces come in countless shapes, colors, and sizes, giving you creative freedom. Stick with something that doesn’t take up too much space but still shows off your personal style.

If you have an island, however, then all you need are a couple of chairs or stools. This setup is ideal when compared to a table because it can serve as your dining spot, a place to prep food, a little storage, and a mini-office all in one.

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