It seems easier than ever to have that feeling of “meh” in your life. In fact, there is a real term for it: anhedonia is something that refers to being less able to experience pleasures. While it can be a feature of psychiatric disorders, the fact is we can all feel some of these symptoms from time to time, for example, less of an interest in hobbies you once enjoyed or diminished pleasure from your daily activities. So how do we win the battle against the “meh” and get that winning feeling back?

Indulging in Yourself

It’s more important than ever to feel like we are connecting with ourselves, especially when we feel that sense of disconnect in so many other aspects of our lives. A very simple place to begin is to treat yourself. If you feel like you don’t derive pleasure from the normal things in life, sometimes going back to a simpler time in your mind can help you to uncover that simplicity that is severely lacking in your daily life.

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Reaffirm Your Goals

We can feel like we’ve gone off the track because we literally have. When we start losing interest in the things that used to bring us pleasure, sometimes understanding why we do these things in the first place can help us to reconnect. Likewise, having a better understanding of your goals can help you feel that purpose again. We can all feel like we’ve lost some sense of purpose in life when we give in to the rigmarole of work and sleep, with very little else.

More people than ever work over 50 hours a week, so is it any wonder that we feel like we’ve lost all sense of purpose when we are working hard to benefit someone else? This is probably why so many people start their own businesses. There are plenty of people who became self-made entrepreneurs for the very simple reason that they wanted to regain control of their lives.

When we reaffirm what our goals are, this instantly helps us tap into the thing that makes us feel important again. Your goals in life can be side-tracked by other things, but sometimes, having the feeling that you are progressing in the right direction is enough to take you out of that funk.

Look After Yourself

A very simple solution, but when we feel defeated in life we need to retreat on occasion. If you are determined to achieve something in life and you have many goals, but you’re not accomplishing them, this can contribute to that feeling of worthlessness. We have to keep it simple. You may have a number of goals that you want to achieve and you have an idea of when you want to achieve them, which can give you the motivation to work towards those things, but sometimes we have to admit when we’ve been pushing against a heavy weight for so long that we’re actually tired and we need to step back.

Looking after ourselves is lower on the list of priorities for so many of us, but if you’re feeling like you are in a No Man’s Land of emotions, you’ve got to strip away the layers and just start looking after yourself. You might spend a lot of time focusing on so many different goals that you believe give you the motivation when, in fact, you need to strip it down to the bare basics. Think about having maybe one or two goals in life that can break down into smaller increments, while also giving yourself the time to care for yourself.
If you look after yourself, you will work better towards those goals and you will feel better doing them. We can feel a lack of purpose because we’ve not achieved our goals, but this can stem from so many different issues, such as comparing ourselves to others. It’s so easy to feel those pangs of jealousy when a friend of yours is talking about their latest job promotion on social media. But remember, you need to do you! This also means looking after yourself. Looking after yourself is a tried and tested solution, but it’s now time to actually do it!

Get Off the Treadmill

Life is a series of ongoing events that can feel like it has no end. People who are working two jobs in order to make ends meet feel like they’ve got to keep going, and for those who feel like it never ends, taking a break might not be a viable option, but this is where you have to build breaks into your life.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical break, where you take part in plenty of amazing activities so you can feel refreshed and recharged, but it can also be about building little breaks into your life that allow you to decompress. One of the big mistakes so many people make when they are constantly pushing forward is that they can’t relax until everything is done. This is very unhealthy because you could feel like you have ticked off everything on your to-do list but something else crops up at the last minute. Instead, your to-do list should encompass looking after yourself, including taking breaks.

Everyone can feel like everything is futile. We all have that feeling but, remember, this is normal. But it’s okay to remember that while this is normal, we can all benefit from using this feeling as a signal to take care of ourselves better. That feeling can stem from a lack of goals, too many goals, or just feeling helpless in yourself. But we’ve all been there.