Why do we love sneakers? First of all because of the comfort they offer, but also for their versatile style. Nowadays you can wear sports shoes not only when heading for the gym, but also when going to school or a party. Better yet, some of you will probably wear their kicks with semi-formal outfits or evening suits. To enjoy a perfect fit, you only have to choose the right model. It should be neutral and versatile. If you’re looking for sneakers for any occasion, we have prepared a list of 4 models that will go with absolutely everything!

adidas Superstar

This model doesn’t have to be introduced or promoted. It used to be the first choice among NBA players and nowadays it’s the most recognisable shoe in the world. You could think since it’s so characteristic, it won’t be any good for those looking for versatile footwear. You couldn’t be more wrong – adidas Superstar retains the classic silhouette and is available in a range of muted colours. The eye-catching shell toe is the only delicate accent that makes these shoes stand out from among all the other sneakers in the world.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

When we say “trainers”, most of us will think of this model. Its design has virtually remained unchanged for more than a hundred years, and yet with every year these shoes are enjoying increasing popularity. No wonder – you can easily style them with any garment and outfit you like. Some wear them with rebel outfits, others use them to add an eye-catching touch to their smart-casual style, and others yet make them the statement piece of their sports apparel. There is no other model as versatile as the Converse.

Reebok Classic Leather

Men’s sneakers by Reebok have always been known for their neutral character. Their versatility resides in their classic shape and neutral colours – mainly white. Classic Leather will be a perfect choice for all those who appreciate comfort and need a single pair of shoes they can wear on any occasion.

Puma Basket Classic

Another classic – this time by Puma. The silhouette of this shoe resembles the models by Reebok, although it’s clearly more streamlined. You will definitely note the completely flat sole. All this makes Basket Classic look modern, which is exactly why this footwear will go with your streetstyle outfits.

You will find all of the above in SneakerStudio. Take your pick and enjoy your versatile shoes wherever you go!