They say that the hair is a crown a girl forever wears. Her “crowning glory” as some would term it. Maybe this rings true not just for women but for the male race as well. After all, a nice face would look even nicer with stylish and dazzling locks.

Just imagine; long, flowy waves playfully drooping down your shoulders or a sleek, bob-cut perm caressing the lobes of your ears. With great hair, the possibilities for styling are endless. You can really express your mood, personality, and style by doing your hair exactly the way you want it. Having long, straight hair is a huge plus for people who have to attend many public events too. The longer the hair, the easier it is to style, you see.

However, all of this is only possible if you actually have hair. I hate to break it to you so bluntly but roughly 5% of Turkish women (see reference) are experiencing serious hair-loss problems. Too serious, perhaps, that they usually end up with a nicely-shaved head! But oh well, what already happened cannot be changed. So instead of dwelling on the unfavourable outcome, why not channel all this pent-up energy on finding a good solution?

When you’re already rocking a bald head (or close to getting there), you have but three options to consider:

1. Continue Rocking a Clean-Shaved Head
2. Buy a Wig
3. Get Yourself a Hair Transplant

Although I personally find bald heads sexy, you can probably guess what I’ll be talking about today by merely looking at the title. Yes, we’ll be talking about hair transplants – but not just any hair transplant.

We’re going to talk about THE BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY. Or more accurately, signs that can show you that you are indeed getting your hair transplant service from one of the best providers in Turkey.

Sign #1: They Have All the Necessary Tools

You can’t have a good – let alone effective – transplant when your service provider doesn’t have the necessary equipment. A hair transplant may not be a very complex procedure but it is a tedious one. There is risk when the equipment used is unsterilized and/or of low-grade quality. Always do your research before making a decision. Look for information about which tools are effective and which ones are hazardous to use. Remember, your hair’s already gone. Don’t make something else disappear.

Sign #2: They Take Their Time Explaining the Whole Process to You

A hair transplant in Turkey follows a detailed procedure. Of course, if you want it to work and to keep working for a very long time, you must undergo the appropriate steps. The right provider will run you through the entire thing process by process, step by step. After all, client knowledge and consent is always necessary before conducting any type of service – especially one that involves the body.

Sign #3: They Give You Options & Other Alternatives

Aside from hair transplants, there are other ways for you to have hair. Like option number two, earlier – buying wigs. I also think that wigs are great for styling. You can mix things up and express yourself in more ways than one – instantly! You can be blonde one moment and a brunette the next. In the same way you can rock a perm today, and strut the catwalk with straight locks tomorrow. The possibilities are endless with these detachable babies. But they’re also pretty high-maintenance.

Anyway, the best providers will also make sure that your decision to have a hair transplant is a choice you will not regret later on. I mean, taking out newly-installed hair is much harder than putting them in!

Sign #4: They’re Not Asking for Ridiculous Prices

When I say ridiculous, it can go both ways – insanely high or insanely low. Any provider who asks you to pay prices that fall on the extremes is definitely questionable. If the price is too cheap, you should worry about the quality and safety of the procedure. If it’s too expensive, you should question why in the world they think that their pricing is fair to customers. Do they have an added service? Or perhaps, better equipment? If there’s a top-up to the service that justifies the price then you may proceed. If not, then something just isn’t right.

Do your research and always check client reviews. Keep in mind that your gorgeous crown is at stake here!