When you are looking to build a wardrobe that offers just as much versatility as it does cohesiveness, you can’t do much better than a capsule wardrobe. The concept behind a capsule wardrobe is that each piece you purchase can be interchanged and mixed and match with most of the other pieces in your closet. This type of wardrobe makes it easy to create different outfits every day, but it also helps you achieve a consistent style that is all your own.

Building a capsule wardrobe can take some time. You want to find the right pieces that fit your style, and that go with one another. Here are four simple steps that will help you to build your own capsule wardrobe for men so that you can enjoy flexibility and consistency in all of the outfits you assemble from it.

1. Start with the Basics

In building your capsule wardrobe, you should start with the most essential items that every men’s wardrobe should have. Pick your preferred neutral colours, such as black or navy blue, that your essentials should follow. Trousers, slacks, blazers, and jackets should all more or less be chosen to be in one of two neutrals. By sticking to your neutrals for these items, you can ensure that they will pair nicely with any other pieces that you purchase hereafter. You can see a selection of men’s blazers Australia to help you get started by clicking here.

2. Find Your Accent Colour

Once you have your neutral basics all lined up, it is time to personalize your wardrobe with an accent colour. Don’t feel that you need to go overboard here. Rather, find a colour that you know compliments your style well and that you always feel comfortable in. When you are looking for things like shirts, ties, and cardigans, you should get a few in your accent colour that you can turn to whenever you want a pop of colour in your outfit.

3. Layer Up

When you are building your capsule wardrobe, layers are going to be your best friends. Layers are how you can get use out of your favourite outfits when the weather turns colder and how you can easily mix things up to create an entirely new outfit. Layers keep things fresh and versatile with ease. You should look to have a selection of jackets, blazers, and cardigans that are in both neutral and accent colours in order to give yourself the largest number of options.

4. Stick to Classic Styles for Shoes

The key to finishing off any outfit from your capsule wardrobe is to have some great pairs of shoes on hand. Try to stick to classic colours and styles for maximum versatility. Shoes like clean, white trainers and black oxfords are going to go with practically any outfit you can think of. Find a few more casual pairs, some more business casual, and then a go-to pair for formal occasions.