If you’ve ever tried CBD oil from CBDMD or another brand, there’s a good chance that you’ve only ever used the product in one way – by holding the oil under your tongue for several seconds and then swallowing it. That’s how everyone takes CBD oil, after all, and it’s exactly what the instructions on the bottle say you should do.

When you look at the ingredients on a bottle of CBD oil, though, you’ll see that they really don’t differ that much from other types of CBD products. You’ve got a full-spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate, you’ve got an edible carrier oil such as MCT oil, and you’ve got a bit of added flavor or terpenes. Other types of CBD products have essentially those same basic ingredients – so why buy a huge variety of different products when you can use a single bottle of CBD oil for everything? These are some of the interesting things that you’ve never tried with CBD oil.

Rub It on Your Skin

You’ve probably noticed that topical CBD products like rollers, lotions and gels are extremely popular these days. That’s because many people have specific areas of their bodies that they want to target with CBD. If that’s the case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use an oral CBD product. For one thing, it’ll take a long time for the CBD to circulate through your bloodstream and reach the affected area. An additional drawback of using CBD orally is that by the time it reaches the affected area, it’ll be incredibly diluted. If you have a specific area that you want to target with CBD, you should use all of the CBD on that area if you want to get the best possible result – so take some CBD oil and rub it directly on your skin.

One of the great things about using CBD oil topically is that most oral CBD oils use MCT oil as a carrier. MCT oil absorbs into the skin quickly, so it won’t leave a greasy film on your skin the way that many topical creams and gels can. Another benefit is that oral CBD oil often costs significantly less than topical CBD products. Give it a try – you’ll probably be very pleased with the result.

Add It to Food and Drinks

One of the drawbacks of using an oral CBD oil is that some people simply don’t enjoy the taste. With a full-spectrum CBD product, you may find that the oil tastes a bit too “hempy” or botanical for your liking. With a CBD oil that’s based on CBD isolate, you won’t taste a hempy flavor, but you may not care for the flavors and terpene blends that the various manufacturers use to enhance their products. Also, some people simply don’t enjoy the sensation of holding oil under their tongues. So, what do you do? Try adding CBD oil to your food instead!

“Wait,” you’re saying, “why wouldn’t I just switch to CBD gummies if I don’t enjoy the flavor of CBD oil?” The reason for that is price. When you shop for CBD gummies, you’ll find that they’re often significantly more expensive than CBD oil on a per-milligram basis. When you buy CBD oil, you’ll get a lot more CBD for the money – and you won’t notice the flavor if you add the oil to foods and beverages. Try adding a dropper of oil to salad dressing or your morning smoothie. You won’t even notice it’s there.

Add it to Beauty Products

Do you know what’s even more expensive than CBD lotions, rollers and gummies? It’s CBD beauty products, of course! You can find all sorts of CBD undereye creams, anti-wrinkle lotions, lip balms and more. Beauty products are often incredibly expensive as it is – and the prices for CBD beauty products are often even more ridiculous. What’s even crazier is that you’re likely to find yourself feeling very underwhelmed if you look at the ingredients of those products. Not only are you buying a fairly mediocre beauty product at a huge markup, but you’re also typically getting very little CBD for your money.

You can do better than that on your own. Instead of buying pre-made CBD lotions and other beauty products, take one of your favorite lotions and add a few droppers of CBD oil yourself. Give the bottle a good shake, and it’s ready to use. The best part is that a good portion of beauty products are oil based, and CBD oil has a carrier oil as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble mixing CBD oil into the bottle and getting it to stay mixed.

Before you start adding CBD oil to all of your beauty products, though, keep in mind that it’s a very good idea to use unflavored CBD oil for this purpose. You wouldn’t want to put CBD with mint or cinnamon flavor under your eyes or on any other sensitive area of your skin.

Add it to Your Bath

If you think that companies charge a bit more than they should for CBD beauty products, just wait until you shop for CBD bath bombs for the first time. Considering the amount of money you’ll spend on something that fizzes for a few minutes and disappears, it makes you wonder why anyone ever buys CBD bath bombs at all.

Did you know that you can enjoy a CBD-infused bath without spending a fortune? It’s easy – all that you need to do is add a few droppers of CBD oil to your bathtub as it fills. It’s no different from scenting your bath with a drop of essential oil. Oil and water don’t readily mix, so you’ll need to swish the water around a bit to distribute the CBD oil throughout your bath – and then you’re good to go. Relax and enjoy. If you’re the crafty type, you can also save a few dollars by buying a bath bomb kit and using CBD oil instead of the scented essential oil included with the kit.