Cannabis has been legalized in many places and people can now purchase it legally all over the world. In Canada, recreational Cannabis has been made legal meaning that one can purchase it and consume it without having fear of breaking the law. The challenge now is how are you able to purchase something fresh that will also give you one of the best smoking experiences. The goal is to find high-quality weed which most people yearn for. There are several factors that one needs to look out for in buying fresh cannabis for recreational purposes. Here are some useful tips which you need to have on hand the next time you want to purchase cannabis.

1. Reputable Online Stores

Now there are a number of online stores which have come up and they are selling some of the best cannabis in the market. An example of such online stores includes where one can find a wide array of Cannabis to choose from. The good thing is that once you find a reputable online store you can be assured of fresh cannabis plus most of these stores focuses on timely delivery. Another good thing about online stores is that you can choose from a wide variety of Cannabis given that Cannabis comes in a wide array of shapes and colour.

2. Check Regulations

The legalization of cannabis also led to some regulations, these regulations are on how much Cannabis that you can actually have in public. The law which has been put in place is that one should not have more than 1 grams of Cannabis in public. This is the legal limit however when you are purchasing you cannot purchase more than 450 grams of the fresh Cannabis, the one you ingest.

3. Check private dispensaries

Ever since weed was made legal now dispensaries who have applied for a permit can now sell it without having to worry about legal repercussion. The most important thing to is to check out the dispensaries which are reputable as here you can be assured of fresh Cannabis which is of high quality. Take time to review some of the private dispensaries in your locality until you find one that has fulfilled all the legal requirements. This is because if they are licensed then they would not have any problem stocking the best cannabis as it’s mandated by the law.

4. Check its quality

When you are purchasing Cannabis legally you need to take time to make sure what you are buying is the right thing. There many ways to detect if you are purchasing high-quality weed. You need to check the smell and make sure it’s good and distinct. You also need to check the look of the Cannabis and here you cannot go wrong. A high-quality Cannabis is healthy and visually appealing. Check the flower and if you some form of discoloration then what you see is a low-quality Cannabis. You also need to check the feel as high-quality Cannabis has a sticky and spongy feel to it.