When selecting the best sample pack, you will need vital information to assist you in your music project. The first thing you need to know is the genre of music. Knowing the genre will help you decide on what types of instruments you need that is common to that genre. Once you have defined the genre, you can now search through music libraries that fit your specific style of music. You also need to consider how limited the instrumentation is by discovering drumbeats, samples, and loops. Read on to find four tips to choosing the best sample pack.

1. Selection. Selecting the best sample can be difficult since you may get overwhelmed with the vast range that is available for you. However, narrowing down to a specific style of the genre will help make things easier for you. Searching for specific instruments like a particular kick drum is tiresome. Do not let your creative efforts be sidelined because of the tediousness. Focus on having the right sound for your song. The right sound will free up the work of the producer.

2. Quality. After selecting the genre based on your song’s requirement, the next task is finding a sample pack that fits the quality for great song production. Quality comes in several levels. Listen for the distinction in the sound as you investigate the sound pack. Avoid having an extensive collection of sounds that somewhat different. Make sure that every sample pack contains a broad palette of instruments for which to choose. Having a few sounds will limit your options. Most packages will offer kits of specific instruments. A wide selection of tools will contain the quality of the music sample.

3. Sound Texture. Look for the sound information and the manner in which it was created or the musician who created the sound. This information will provide you with a more natural feeling to the sample pack. The level of quality is the last element to consider when finding a superior music package. The quality level and genre determine how natural the sound is and whether you need to make any changes. Techno or House music will sound electronic and synth-based while a country sound will be more natural and acoustic sounding. The genre dictates the general texture of the sound.

4. Human Versus machine. Some music styles demand a specific “human” element. You should consider the human and machine elements when searching for the best quality in each sound. Keeping these criteria in mind will help you when searching for the right sample pack for your music production. As a result, you will succeed in your songwriting, musician, or music producing career.

A musician is only as good as their tools. Get free sample packs from to make you a better producer. These packs will capture all the goodness without the price tag. Consult other experienced producers to increase your knowledge. Now that you have fattened up your production tools do not forget to use them.