It is always great to make a saving on any product you buy, but it is even more exciting to make saving on purchases which you use daily. If household, beauty and personal care products are at the top of your list of must haves, you get incredible deals in the latest Avon Catalog offers.

Invite an Avon representative and host a party

Avon representatives are always looking out for more buyers of Avon products. If you know people who use or can be persuaded to buy Avon products, you can invite them to an Avon party. You could decide to host the party at your home or a central location. Invite a sales representative to discuss the products. If the invitees buy the products, you may get great discounts from the representative for making that happen.

If you do not want to host a party but are great at getting people interested in buying Avon products, you can ask the representative if you can have a catalog sales party. In this case, you take the orders without having all the interested parties in the same room. You then forward the requests and still get discounted products.

Find out what is on sale in the new catalogs

Every new Avon catalog has items that are on sale. Look out for discounted products. For example, if a product you use frequently is sold in pairs at a discounted price, calculate how much you would be saving had you bought the items individually then make a decision based on your budget and savings.

You should also find out what new products have been introduced. Sometimes, new products come at a discounted price to try and gauge consumer response. If this is something you would be interested in using long term, you may try it out if you are getting a great deal.

Look out for free gifts

Avon frequently has offers of gifts on select purchases. Find out which products come with gifts. It would be best to confirm your interest in the gift before purchasing the product. If you are yet to try the gift on offer or if it is something you use frequently, you will save by getting it as an accompanying gift from the product you buy.

Request for samples

When new products are introduced by Avon, to avoid feeling like you wasted money over a product you did not enjoy, ask for samples first to determine if you are ready to buy a full sized product. If the product works for you, you will buy it confidently knowing it works for you. If the sample size you got was unsatisfactory, you could opt for another product without feeling like you wasted money on a product you do not need.

When you save money from products you purchase from Avon, you can divert your savings to some other use. Looking for ways to save money every time you buy products will lead to significant savings in the long run.