There is no particular strict rule on what to wear and not to wear. After all, wearing your own style is freedom in itself. However, if you want to own that unique look in wearing designer clothes, there are few tips you may want to check out and try for yourself.

Here are four tips on wearing a designer dress.

1. Avoid wearing multiple labels at a time.

While there is no problem wearing two or more designer labels at a time as long as you are comfortable and it looks good, but wearing one will make a name stand out. This is probably the most basic hidden rule when it comes to wearing a designer dress. Wearing multiple labels may tend to look that you are overdoing it. Whatever the style of the designer dress you are looking forward to wearing, be proud and confident of the name you are representing it for. This will make the dress more attractive. It will stand out more in the crowd, and thus make you stand out too.

2. Find the length that suits your face and body shape.

Like any other dresses, whether from a popular designer or not, it is important that it suits the one wearing it. Just because a ball gown looks pretty amazing on magazine and catalogs that you saw does not mean that it will look good on everyone. Our different face and body shapes are what makes all of us unique. A designer dress may look extravagant and one-of-a-kind, but it the person wearing it that will make it even more unique to the public’s eye. Find the length of the dress that suits you. There are short dresses that look as fantastic as long ones. You can check out on websites such as TeraniCouture.com for these designer dresses.

3. Wear a designer dress in a unique way by adding a few accessories.

If you want to own a unique look, you must find a way to make a designer dress look more different than the usual ones we see in magazines. One way of doing this would be adding a few accessories to add more style or accentuate your face or body. Try to rock your designer dress in a completely different way. It’s a risk to add more accessories to a designer dress, but definitely, a worthy one to take. It can be pretty eye-catching and can often add a personal touch to a designer dress.

4. Try to layer it up.

It does not hurt to conceal that dress in a stylish jacket or top. You can make a different look by trying to layer up a designer dress. Try to find simple but stylish jackets and mix it up with your designer dress. You will be surprised to find out that it can transform into a unique outfit by simply adding two or more layers. Avoid overdoing it though as it can also destroy the whole look altogether. Try to mix and match and see the result for yourself.