Smoking leads to cancer and other health problems, and oftentimes, quitting can seem an impossible task. Some feel the only method to break the cycle is through prescription medication and costly treatments. However, you can eliminate tobacco from your life without creating a new addiction. CBD is part of the marijuana family but does not alter your mental functioning. People know marijuana is used to help with pain and anxiety, but how does it help with smoking? The following are only four of the ways you can use this to quit tobacco use.

Assists with Tobacco Withdrawal

Many people who stop smoking require nicotine replacement therapy, or turn to tobacco-free products (click here for flavorful tobacco-free chew). Nicotine addiction is underestimated by many because people do not battle the tremors or overdosing like hard street drugs. However, going without tobacco will find you with an increase in irritability, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. CBD regulates your body while you adjust to life without tobacco. It is known to assist with anxiety, but it also helps you sleep and handles mood swings.

Ease Cravings

The cravings pull even the most determined people back to lighting a cigarette. The cravings come for two reasons. The first is because your body believes it needs nicotine to function. However, the second is because you have integrated smoking into your routine. Instead of smoking a cigarette, you start replacing that with liquid CBD in a vaping machine. You still fulfill your routine, but without the addiction. As you begin to smoke less, you will find that you can replace liquid oil with an occasional CBD gummy.


CBD, THC, and marijuana all can assist in relaxation, much like nicotine. However, nicotine is addictive and CBD is not. People who battle anxiety and PTSD have used cannabis for relief. High-stress situations raise your blood pressure, driving you to use anything to relieve the mental state you are in. It also prohibits your ability to get a restful sleep. Consuming an edible from reputable places, like Verma Farms, a half-hour before a stressful event or bedtime will help you relax.

Reduce Number of Cigarettes

A benefit that researchers are still looking into, is the connection with CBD use and reduction in cigarette usage. The latest studies have shown people decrease the number of cigarettes consumed by nearly half. The assumption that is being made is that CBD is more enjoyable than nicotine. This is not hard to understand, since CBD gummies can be found in any flavor. However, the more shocking correlation is that previous smokers notice a profound reduction in the desire to light a smoke.

It is vital that if you decide to use CBD as a method to stop smoking that you shop only from reputable businesses. Look for THC to be less than 0.3-percent and it undergoes quality testing. Converse with your physician on how to introduce CBD into your life and quit smoking. Finally, never discount seeking a therapist to assist with coping with stressors in your life.