As parents or teachers, dealing with uninterested students often makes us feel frustrated. The reason why is that we think that they are unmotivated because they lack interest or just feel lazy to do their homework or review for upcoming exams. We tend to overlook the root problem of their lack of interest.

Truth be told, most unmotivated students often feel they are not smart. They failed multiple times before and they just feel worse every time. Giving up and acting out that they lack motivation is like their defense mechanism. They fear to fail again and rather not try again. People will stop at something they do if they feel horrible at it or they don’t perceive its value and the purpose is not being served.

So knowing this reality, how will you help students feel the motivation they need?

Build success for confidence

Students need to have success in order to build confidence. Seek first the best in them and set them up for questions they know the correct answers to which can help build their confidence. This way, they will get motivated to answer more questions you throw and make sure they get ready for it. Being smart is not always about knowing the right answers, it’s looking for answers.

Always explain the purpose

How many times we questioned the purpose of Math or other minor subjects we’ve had as a student? Our children might also asked the essence of selecting an International Curricula over a traditional curriculum. The purpose is important factor to our children or students as well. Students see things as irrelevant if it doesn’t relate to their lives nor they understand its purpose. Make them feel that every lessons and activities in school are relevant and will be applicable to their lives and future circumstances. Also explain that learning will meet their needs and will be useful no matter what.

Make them autonomous

The idea of relying on themselves will make them feel good. It’s better to give them the autonomy than always pushing and prodding them along. Everyone needs choices and when we have it, we can express ourselves more and become more confident and motivated. Offer your children and students a choice, and let them choose to be motivated themselves.

Show that you care

Take time to discover the difficulties your children or students might be facing. If you see your child or student seems to show lack of interest, talk to them and together come up with a solution or goals to make them feel you care about them and all you wanted is for them to succeed.

Never look at unmotivated students as difficult students you don’t want to interact with. Remember that an effective parent or teacher finds no problem taking this kind of challenge. If they are able to transform an unmotivated student to an interested one, then they are doing their job right. Just follow some of the methods in this article to help you manage students who seem to lack interest in learning.