The winter months signify colder weather, the holidays and a change in style. Many people completely clear out their wardrobe around this time of year to make room for winter sweaters, shoes and a collection of winter outerwear. For blondes who color their hair, it’s also a time to think about switching from a warm, golden summery blonde shade to one that is better suited for the winter season.

In preparation for a color appointment this winter, stylists should stay up to date on the latest blonde color trends and trending haircuts that might best accompany them for a variety of clients. The clients themselves should prepare for their color appointment at the salon by having their color inspiration (and any accompanying questions for the stylist) ready to go in order to make the process as efficient as possible. To help in the color choosing process, here are four winter blonde color ideas that are cold-weather chic.

1. Cool-Toned Beige Blonde: A classic and occasionally overlooked shade of blonde during the winter months is a soft beige hue mixed with a bit of added coolness. This is a fantastic option for those who love their summer-minded blonde shades and don’t want to stray too far from that during the winter. Many popular professional hair color brands include a version of this in their swatch book, including Schwartzkopf Professional and PRAVANA, among others. Stylists can describe this color idea as a medium ground with both warm and cool elements. It’s the perfect natural blonde look for winter without going platinum.

2. Ash Blonde: The ash blonde trend is still reigning among ultra-chic blondes, making it a no brainer for a winter blonde color. Ash blonde combines cool-toned blonde shades with silver, gray and icy white tones. It can be administered subtly for an understated winter look or be amped up to create a full-on moody ice princess look. While ash blonde is a look in itself, some stylists change it up by incorporating various color and highlighting techniques within an ash blonde look like balayage, ombre and the like. This creates a unique and dimensional ash blonde look that is anything but boring.

3. Icy Blonde: For those who want a blonde shade that matches the coolness of snowflakes and icicles, go for an all-out icy blonde look. This color incorporates more cool-toned white and bright silver shades than ash blonde, making it a great option for those who want a super-light blonde shade for the winter. Icy blonde is sometimes compared to platinum blonde even though it is noticeably cooler in tone when compared to a traditional platinum color.

Stylists should consult with their clients before their appointment and make sure they are aware of the necessary steps to take in between salon visits. Unlike some other cool shades of blonde, icy blonde requires a more involved maintenance routine that should be made aware to the client before their hair is treated. To keep an icy blonde shade looking fresh and healthy, be careful not to overwash the hair, use a professional purple shampoo and follow up at the salon for regular trims and root touch-ups.

4. Silver: For a winter-chic blonde color that will turn heads left and right, go big or go home with all-over silver hair. Though the maintenance routine rivals that of platinum and icy blonde shades, it’s absolutely worth it to get this shiny, unique version of blonde hair for the winter. Silver hair incorporates light cool-toned blonde shades, gray tones and lots and lots of shine. It looks fantastic on any length of hair and it’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone feeling a little less than thrilled with their current blonde shade.

With silver blonde shades, it’s important to use a hair color brand that specializes in lustrous creative colors. Brands like SPARKS hair products rise to the occasion and offer show-stopping silver shades that amplify shine and deliver long-lasting color.

Customizing a Winter Blonde Color

With top notch professional hair products and attention to detail, any of the color ideas above can be tailored or tweaked to reflect a specific preference or creative vision. For example, an icy blonde look may be mixed with a subtle balayage in silver, gray or even lilac tones to switch things up a bit. On the other hand, a client might want a less-intense version of traditional ash blonde hair, which is absolutely possible and involves the addition of more neutral blonde tones in the form of highlights, balayage or a similar technique. Try out one of these fresh winter blonde color ideas on your next salon visit!