There are so many gadgets and devices on the market today and if you know where to look, there are some really innovative gifts that even the most in-touch guy has never seen. When buying a gift for that special man in your life, there is always the worry that he has one already, or even worse, he doesn’t see the point. If you would like to browse an extensive catalogue of top-notch gifts that suit every budget, there are online suppliers of unique gifts, and here are just a few of the products you can find.
1. The LED Clip Light Torch – Slimline and sleek, this stylish torch clips onto a belt or fits nicely into a jean pocket and with a choice of cobalt blue or black, this handy flashlight soon becomes an essential accessory for every man! When buying presents for men, you need to see a wide selection and with an online gift retailer with a taste for the unusual, finding something suitable is guaranteed.
2. The Vortex Drink Mixture – If your man is into body building and needs that extra protein, this battery powered blender is both light and durable, making it ideal for the early morning protein shake or that smoothie while camping. This versatile device can silently blend just about any fruit or vegetable and is a useful tool in the kitchen, or anywhere else for that matter, and a couple of AAA batteries is all it takes to make great juice!
3. Lazy Arm Tablet Holder – Your man no doubt has an iPad Pro – or similar – and the lazy arm holder allows him to assume any position and have the device precisely where he wants it.  With a 360-degree spin and a spring-loaded clip, this hand apparatus projects to an impressive 70cm, ensuring comfort when watching that late-night movie.
4. The Single Beer Chiller – Yes, that’s right – a device that cools a single bottle of beer! The long and thin device needs a mere 45 minutes in the freezer and once slid into a bottle of beer, expect an ice-cold beer within minutes. Ideal for the landscape gardener that really can’t wait for that iced beer after work! The secret to its success is the special cooling gel that covers the device, cooling beer in an instant.
5. The Bluetooth Speaker – What man doesn’t like music and his favourite tunes can be blared out in the shower or office and if he prefers headphones, there’s a range to suit every style. Great for camping and those boys’ nights out on the beach and this is one gift he will always appreciate.
It all depends on his lifestyle and with online retailers of innovative gifts for men, there is something for everyone. All it takes is an online search to find an established supplier, then after some browsing, select the gift and proceed to check out.