Getting hair and makeup perfect is a struggle in every girl’s life that she has to battle each day. Women take several minutes or hours out of their daily routine to invest in attaining the right look. But the sad truth is that perfection is almost never achieved in getting the best appearance. Somedays, the hair doesn’t want it to be your day, and sometimes skin doesn’t want to tolerate chemicals. That’s why hair and makeup hacks are necessary to incorporate with the essential taking care. Here we have the top 5 of these that can simplify your lifestyle.

Change Hair Color Without Damage

These days people are getting their hair colored and recolored over and over again. Although colored hair looks transformed and incredible, the constant bleaching and contact with chemicals slowly destroy the strands. As a hack and a cheaper alternative, you can get good quality wigs. You can choose from a full spectrum of hairstyles, colors, and wig prices to purchase and wear for any occasion and look the part.

Often times, we strive for particular looks with hairdos that need more hair or different lengths. For this reason, wigs can be a great way to add volume or alter the color. With creating specific enhanced looks, a wig also functions as a protective cover for hair to avoid it from damage.

Have Sturdy Bun

Are you in a situation where you gave up on styling your hair to elegant buns because they just don’t stay? Welcome to the club! Almost every girl struggles with this, especially ladies with thin hair. However, this hack can work quite well for any hair for making them into beautiful buns.

Instead of tying the hair up in one ponytail to form into a bun, make two strands of the whole head and tie two ponytails. Make sure that they are very close and in the same position as each other. Then simply tie your bun by wrapping ponytail into a ponytail and securing with bobby pins. It will never come loose and makes for a particularly simple hairstyle.

Make Eyelashes Look Fuller in Normal Routine

Most girls go through a lot to cover imperfections with makeup. Yet it has to be taken all off at the end of the day. All the hard work in applying the perfect mascara and eyeliner and smearing suitable combinations of foundation and blush goes down in the drain, and the skin is also hurt in the process. And alternatively going out makeup-less isn’t a wise thing to do either. Hence, a makeup idea that is easy to apply and gives a fuller look is needed. Apply eyeliner directly to your upper and lower lashes and blink a few times. This technique gives you a full makeup look yet helps you appear simple and cute.

Lock in Moisture

In winters, skin can get flaky, and applying foundation and making it stay is a real challenge. The application becomes patchy, and embarrassingly starts to fall off. To prevent such a tragedy from happening in an important event swear by this hack. Apply moisturizer onto your skin before applying foundation and top it with a little spritz of rose water. This magical ingredient will not only make your foundation stay in place but provide needed nutrition and vitality to the skin.

Make Curled Lashes Last Longer

Speaking of the cold weather, makeup equipment like brushes and eyelash curlers become cold and stiff and make them hard to apply through. With a cold lash curler, the task of curling stubbornly linear lashes becomes even more of a chore. In a situation like this, it is better to use the head than continuously pull on delicate lashes over and over until they are damaged, and maybe a bit curled. Thankfully someone did and came up with the idea of heating the curler slightly with a blow dryer or warm body part to quickly get the desired shape by one application. This way, the lashes also stay curled for a prolonged period and last the night.