Making the transition to independent living can be challenging. Many seniors see it as a loss of their independence and freedom, and they may struggle with the change to their role in the family as they get older.

However, there are also some great benefits to making the move to an independent living community.


According to the HRSA, loneliness and isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. There is a 45% increase in the risk of mortality for seniors who report feeling lonely.

Loneliness is a particularly prevalent issue among seniors because they are more likely to find themselves living alone. They are also more likely to experience the loss of their friends or family, as well as be dealing with chronic health problems, which make leaving the house more of a challenge. Plus, issues like hearing loss can make loneliness all the more likely.

Living in an independent living community means that you live in close proximity to other people around your age with who you can connect. There are also staff on hand to facilitate your connection building as needed.

Community and Independence

The loss of independence is a critical factor for many older people not wanting to move to any kind of assisted living community. Seniors have spent their lives taking care of families and working hard at their careers, and to lose all of that suddenly is painful.

This is why independent living communities exist. The seniors living in these communities maintain their independence, living in their own apartments and running their own lives, but there is help on hand should they need it.

There is also a focus on community activities that residents can participate in to feel part of something and make friends, but there isn’t any insistence that people take part.

A Nutritious, Well Balanced Diet

When you’re living alone at any age, it can be challenging to bring yourself to take the time to prepare nutritious meals for yourself. Cooking for one just isn’t much fun.

However, proper nutrition is especially important as we get older. This is particularly true for people with chronic and ongoing health conditions.

Many independent living communities will have dietitians on their team to help you design a diet that will help keep you feeling good and look after your long-term health. They also often have the option of having your meals prepared for you, so you don’t need to cook if you don’t want to!

If you’re interested in an assisted living community that can provide dietary services like these, Caring Advisor can help you search for the available options.

No More Bills

Nobody enjoys dealing with all of their bills each month. Another great thing about independent living communities is that they are all-inclusive. This means that you’ll set up a payment for your rent each month, and that’s it! All of your bills will be included, so you don’t have the headache of dealing with it all.

No More Maintenance Worries

Maintenance living communities are there to facilitate you leading a happier life, which includes things like organizing maintenance for your apartment. You won’t ever have to unclog a toilet or fish around in a drain for clumps of hair again.