One thing you must know about skincare products is that the order of application matters just as much as the products you are using. Also, knowing which products to use for your skin type is an important part of proper skincare. People with oily skin should use a suitable cleanser that will clean their skin without any harsh chemicals. Yet, it’s best for people with dry skin to use a cleansing lotion because they are gentler and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. But what are the new steps that you should try adding to your skincare routine this year?

Use Different Moisturizers

Thinking that you can apply the same moisturizer for your whole face is wrong. The skin around the eye is far thinner, so this area needs a special moisturizer that will cater to its needs without harming it. You need to pick an eye cream that specifically targets the eye area. This product should be applied right after toning and before applying your facial moisturizer.

It’s Time for You to Try Serums

We all keep hearing about serums and most probably ignore trying them out. Applying a hydrating serum before your moisturizer pulls water particles from the air into your skin to keep it smooth and hydrated. You can also try hyaluronic acid serums. They are powerful and can retain moisture without making your skin oily. They are used in protecting and hydrating the skin to make it softer and plumper.

Treat Skin Issues

Skin acne and blemishes can’t be easily dealt with. They affect our self-esteem, and sometimes they can easily lead to anxiety and depression. Even if you have tried everything and nothing worked, it’s important to not give up on having the skin of your dreams. Experts at Natural Acne Clinic have created a program for treating acne with a success rate of over 95% for people who battle with this issue. The skincare experts working there have spotted the need to focus on this issue to help other people who have tried everything and failed.

Forget Home Remedies

Many people still believe in home remedies. You need to understand that applying yogurt or honey on your face will do more harm than good regardless of the situation. Don’t apply lemon juice to your face. It will only dry your skin and lead to breakouts. You should also avoid using baking soda or turmeric powder on your skin and applying toothpaste on acne.

Facial Oils

While you should steer clear of home remedies, you need to try applying some natural oils. If you have finally decided to give some oils a try, you need to do your research beforehand. It’s important to leave this to be the last step of your routine. Applying facial oils such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or rosehip oil should be left for the end of your routine to lock the water, moisturizers, and everything you have applied in.

Building a skincare routine that will suit your skin type and needs is essential for having the clear, glowing skin you want. However, before you decide on trying anything new, you need to make sure you do the research on whether a certain product will suit your skin or not.