Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and exploring, are not only fun, leisure activities to undertake with your friends and family, but research has also found that participating in such activities offers many health benefits. From helping with boosting your mental well-being to fixing your sleeping schedule, here are five health benefits of camping.

Decrease stress levels

Being in a place surrounded by nature’s wonders might just let you breathe and take the well-deserved break from work and other causes of stress. Without the constant need to race through life and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, camping is the perfect time to enjoy life’s simple pleasure and immerse yourself in the here and now. Outdoor activities, in particular, have been shown to improve mood and offer many mental health benefits. It is the perfect time to clear your head, recharge yourself and be ready to tackle whatever life throws your way when you get back to reality.

Get much-need vitamin D

Away from the air pollution of the city and surrounded by nature, camping will give you plenty of opportunities to recline in the glorious sunshine. Sunlight increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin E and calcium, and waking up early will give you that boost of energy to go on adventures during the day.

Breathe in that fresh air

It is said that adding plants to your workspace and home improves the quality of oxygen in the air. This is even better because camping will not only allow you to discover the forest trails and nature around you but also expose you to fresh and clean air.

Even if camping exposes people to the health benefits of clean, fresh air, campers need to be prepared in case of unpredictable weather. One of the ways to shield yourself from strong winds and rainfall and keep the common cold away is by investing in a reliable tent. This company, in particular, offer different kinds of tents with all the essential features for the perfect camping trip such as excellent waterproofing against wind and rain and interior spaces with large storm flaps for those warm afternoons relaxing outside.

Take a break from the internet

With all of nature before you and clear headspace, camping is also the perfect time to take a break from your smartphone, social media and emails. It means you’ll have more time to hang out with your close friends and families, catch up on stories you’ve missed during your busy days and grow closer to the people important to you.

Improve your sleep cycle

By reducing exposure to artificial lighting at night, stashing your phone away and waking up early to early morning sunlight, you can greatly improve your internal clock. Doing so means less sleepless night and more early morning motivation and alertness. The typical modern environment causes about two hours of delay in our circadian rhythm and affects our sleep. Camping will help improve this by allowing you to follow the patterns of sunrise and sunset to dictate your sleep instead.