Like with humans, there are a variety of supplements that are listed as important and healthy for your dog. These are all supplements that include essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. While there are many products on the market, they can all be put under the name of one of a smaller number of supplements.

From probiotics to glucosamine, antioxidants, multivitamins, and herbal supplements, here are five of the healthiest and most popular supplements for your dog.

Probiotics and Multivitamins

Probiotics are a very popular supplement for dogs. They focus on the intestines and improving the health of the digestive system, while also addressing daily stresses in the life of a dog. Due to the fact that they tend to be focused on digestion, probiotics are a supplement given out when a dog is suffering diarrhea or other intestinal issues. Multivitamins are a combination of the vitamins that the dog will need on a daily basis. While vets can recommend vitamins that only include the specific vitamins that your dog needs, the multivitamin has them all. However, a multivitamin usually has the entire daily dosage for vitamins, so be sure to talk with your vet before feeding them to your dog.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are supplements that have been made using natural and organic products. These can be either a single herb or a combination of multiples, but they are heavily organic and focus on being less processed than other supplements might be. Many herbal supplements are experimental, but since they are created using natural ingredients, the general impression is positive.

One type of herbal supplement for dogs that is getting a buzz today is Canna-Pet, a natural supplement that is made from hemp. While it is hemp-based, it does not create a high in pets. Instead, it is made out of CBD, which has no psychoactive effects. Canna-Pet can be used to help pets in serious pain and has also been recommended by some vets to help pets suffering from anxiety or cancer.

Fish Oil and Glucosamine

Fish oil is a supplement used by humans for heart issues, but for dogs, fish oil is used when a dog has skin problems. Although there are still some tests being conducted, fish oil is supposedly useful for helping skin irritation and helping heal the dog’s coat. Despite that, a supplement that helps prevent skin irritation is a useful one. Glucosamine is a supplement that is part of many different supplements but typically is used in treatments for arthritis. Like other supplements, the positive impact of glucosamine is still being studied, but because it has been used with so many other supplements that it can be hard to tell what the impact of glucosamine would be.

Every dog owner wants their dog to have the best care possible and to receive the nutrients that they need. From fish oil to probiotics, there is a wide range of supplements that are available. Before giving your dog a supplement, consult with your vet to find out what your pet needs to be completely healthy.