5 Kinds of Dresses to Add to Your Wardrobe this Summer!


With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start getting your wardrobe together for a new season of the sun, and if you care about your style, you’ll want to include at least a few dresses. But what if you want to go beyond the norm to find a type of dress you haven’t worn before, or are lacking inspiration and have run out of ideas for trying something new? If you’ve hit a creative roadblock when it comes to dress selection, consider the following list of popular summer dress styles to spark some ideas:

1. Midi

Midis are commonly overlooked but might be some of the fanciest summer dresses you can find. You really have to see them to understand what sets them apart from other styles, but the best way to describe them would be sophistication combined with sultriness. Whether you’re headed to a dinner date or a business banquet, a midi dress can fit the bill. Click here for information on midis and similar summer dresses.

2. Bodycon

Bodycon dresses contour to the shape of your body and are therefore a sexy and slim option for an evening date. What’s more is there are literally thousands of designs styles to choose from, and many of them incorporate lightweight and thin materials that are summer-friendly.

3. Skater

Skater dresses are high cut and flexible and come in a variety of prints and materials. Be forewarned, these dresses can fly up in heavy winds, so you might do better with the aforementioned bodycon dresses on a windy day. It’s actually ironically comical that they’re called skater dresses, because if you were to skate in one you should expect some updraft, if you know what I mean. Still, there are plenty of ways to keep your dress from flying up, if that is a concern.

4. Swing

Swing dresses are more suitable for the breezy or slightly chilly summer nights, as they’re typically made out of thicker materials than those used in skater dresses, and they’re available in long sleeve as well. This is yet another classy and elegant dress type that can really work well on any occasion due to the sheer abundance of design variations.

5. Lace

We listed lace last because many lace dresses are heavier and could cause sweating in hotter temps. However, if you’re willing to search you should be able to find a decent selection of lace dresses that are made with light and airy materials. Furthermore, some of the other types of dresses mentioned above incorporate lace and can be found under the lace category in many online clothing stores.

Try Something New

You might initially see some of the dress styles suggested above and think to yourself “no, that’s not me,” or “I’ve never worn something like that before, so I’m not sure if I want to commit to it.” While those are somewhat reasonable concerns, they’re holding you back from reaching your true fashion potential.

Rewarded yourself by trying something new and you might be surprised at how well it suits you.