There are sneakers for everyone and every activity. Whether it is to match up your casual looks, to wear as you go for nature walks, or you are planning your first 5K run. Nonetheless, the process of finding the right pair can be daunting. Other than checking for the right fit and the right quality of shoes. Many people want a shoe that looks good. Hence, you need to research before hitting the stores. Since finding a perfect pair of sneakers should not be rocket science. Here are some mistakes to avoid as you buy your sneakers.

1. Buying the wrong size and style for your foot 

Once the grailify sneaker news is out. Before you rush to get a new pair, it is best to confirm the right size and style of your foot. This information should be confirmed and known to you as it is a mistake to allow someone to tell you which shoes are best for you. The best thing to do if you are in a retail shop is to try on the shoe, and pace around in the store to have a feel of the shoe. Try as many shoes as you can until you get the one that feels good for you. If you are shopping online, ensure you tally the shoe specifications with yours to ensure you buy the right size and style for you. Also, avoid buying a very tight shoe, hoping that it will stretch after some time. It is just an assumption people make and end up buying a size smaller. Where possible, visit a podiatrist before you buy a shoe to get to know of your specific foot needs, and they can advise the best shoe for you.

2. Not replacing your shoe often

When you do not replace your shoe often enough. You may be using a shoe that has a worn-out sole, the fit is loose, and it may cause injury and discomfort while using it for various activities. However, everyone is different, and how often you have to replace your shoes varies from one person to another. For instance, some have multiple pairs of shoes for various activities and do not need a pair as often. While others prefer to have a pair at a time, and need to replace it as often. When it comes to how often you replace your shoes, the rule of the thumb is after 400 miles. Especially for everyday shoe wearers and runners as well.

3. Not considering the activity for the shoe 

Not considering the activity for the shoe, is a common mistake many people make when they buy sneakers. Yet, when you consider the activity you need the shoe for, you will get a sneaker shoe that fits that activity. Therefore, whether you will be running, playing tennis, walking, or you need a shoe that is best for injury prevention. There is a shoe for all these activities. So, as you shop online, it is important to shop for a shoe, in regards to the specific activity that you will be using them. In line with this, you must also check the sole of the shoe. Always check the sole if it is fit for the activity that you are going for as soles are made for various terrains. Thus, look for quality supportive shoes with a sole that does not bend easily and have a slight heel. In this way, you will not compromise your sole much faster. Especially if you wear your shoe every day as you go out for a run.

4. Not inquiring more about the shoe

When buying a shoe, avoid the mistake of not communicating and questioning the salesperson. This is important as there are a few things that you should know before you go out buying a sneaker. For instance, the type of shoe that works for you in the past. Any past injury, such as ankles, joints, hips, and knee pain. Also, do your ankles and feet swell throughout the day? Are you narrow or wide foot? All these are some of the things that you should consider that you can communicate with the salesperson as you are buying your next shoe. So, be a more educated shopper and know the kind of problems that you experience with shoes as you seek the ones that are best for you. Importantly, if you want a specific shoe, shopping in a specialty store where a specialist will help you, you can get your gait and form monitored and get answers to most of your inquiries answered.

5. Always switching brands 

When you get a brand that works for you, it is best to stick to it. Many people make the mistake of switching between brands and end up confused about which type of shoe brand is best for them. As many brands are consistent with how they make their shoes. It is easier to count on them to sell several pairs that you are sure are ideal for your foot. So, unless the design changes drastically, it is best not to switch between brands and stick to the one that you like. Plus, you can build a sneaker collection around a specific brand.

In summary, even when you are among the people that are first time shoppers, or you are looking for walking shoes and need to get a fitting. Ensure that you avoid the above mistakes. Also, ensure that you check the sides and bottom of your current shoe to see if they are worn down. This will tell you how your shoes are aging. Also, if you feel pain in your legs, knees, hips, or back. The sneakers may not be providing enough support, and you can opt for a shoe that gives you proper support, in the long run, considering how your current shoes are treating you. It will help you a lot to avoid mistakes as you shop for the next one.