If you want to become a musician, you should start by picking your favorite instrument depending on what type of music you want to play. However, learning to play a musical instrument is not very easy. Certain instruments remain a big challenge to play even for seasoned musicians. If you want to master the art of making music, you will need to exert extra effort.

Without further ado, we have compiled a list of the 5 most popular musical instruments ranked by its difficulty that you may be interested in learning to play.

1. Guitar

Guitars are probably the most popular musical instrument among different aspiring musicians. To determine what kind of guitar is ideal for a beginner, you can seek recommendations from MerelyMusic.com for guitars on a budget without having to compromise quality. All the same, the main challenge often encountered by people learning to play guitar pertains to mastering the chords.

Many beginners encounter the problem of changing between the chords when strumming the strings. There are different chords and it seems that learners often struggle to master them. Another problem that many learners face is that of skipping strings. Instead of hitting the right string, many learners miss it on their first few tries. To overcome these challenges, learners need to constantly practice to play the instrument.

2. Piano

A piano is probably the most popular musical instrument among different aspiring musicians. There are two types of pianos that include acoustic piano and electronic piano. To determine which piano is ideal for a beginner, you can consult your music teacher or professional pianist near you. All the same, the main challenge in learning to play the piano is that it requires a lot of concentration.

For instance, different fingers play different keys while your feet are pressing the pedals simultaneously. You must also be able to read the keys quickly while playing the piano which can be a great undertaking to learners. However, when you master all the keys, then you can comfortably play some songs from the head.

3. Violin

A violin only has four strings, but surprisingly, it is the most difficult instrument to play. What makes a violin difficult to play is that it does not have frets that guide your fingers. Therefore, finger positioning is achieved through trial and error as well as the guidance of a professional music teacher. The other challenge is that when playing the violin, it is difficult to hold it in a perfect position. In the same vein, you also need to master the bowing technique.

This musical instrument requires perfect precision to produce quality sound. You need to know that the violin produces beautiful tunes when played by a professional, but it requires great concentration and daily practice to master. You would be surprised to learn that the professionals you see playing this instrument have been practicing since childhood.

4. Drums

Like any other musical instrument, drums can take time to master. However, the fun thing about drums is that they are the easiest to learn while at the same time they are very difficult to master. The main challenge often encountered by learners is to familiarize themselves with the beat. Some learners often play too fast or too slow which affects the rhythm of the music.

The other technique that can confuse the learner is whether to play with a heel down or heel up. However, you can overcome these challenges by mastering the beat of the type of music you will be playing. Constant practice is also recommended if you want to play drums like a pro.

5. French Horn

A French horn is a beautiful brass instrument that is very difficult to play. If you don’t position your lips correctly, you can easily hit the wrong notes. The instrument has a very long tube, so you need to blow air into it vigorously so that it can produce good sound.
The device is quite big which makes it difficult to hold in good posture while at the same time using your fingers to play the keys on the horn. While the equipment produces beautiful tones, it requires constant practice so that you can master the technique of producing high notes.

Several popular musical instruments are difficult to play, although they produce mellifluous tunes. If you are interested in learning to play some of these instruments, you should expect to give out some extra effort to mastering them. Your prowess in playing a particular type of musical tool mainly depends on your commitment and dedication. That said, learning to play an instrument can be frustrating at first, but once you get past the beginner phase, you’ll find that your learning curve escalates swiftly.