Most people remember to walk towards the sunscreen allies when summer is around the corner. This gives them the protection they need when soaking up the heat after winter’s cold months. This should not be the case though. Use your sunscreen in all seasons. The sunscreen should be incorporated as part of your skin oiling routine to ensure you do not forget to apply it. The reasons why you need to use your lotion every day include:

1) User-Friendly

Previously, sunscreens were all greasy and hard to get rid of after use. However, this has changed. The sunscreens are no longer uncomfortable to put on. They come in less oily creams and sprays. Spray sunscreens have gained popularity since they are easy to use, especially with toddlers and on people who suffer from skin sensitivity. The most recommended sunscreen spray is the air-powered Countersun Mist, which is not only light on the skin but also comprises of safe ingredients to use.

2) Protection From Cancer

Studies show that skin cancer is the number one killer cancer and you need to protect yourself from having it. The sun emits harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. When your skin is exposed to them, it increases the chances of having it. Sunscreen forms a protective layer over your skin. This prevents the rays from getting to you. On cold or cloudy days, the sun might not heat the air, but the rays are reflected on earth. This increases the chances of contracting cancer too.

3) Prevents Aging

The wrinkles and other aging marks on your face are not from the many candles you have blown but from the sun hitting your skin. The sunrays act like aging catalysts. Too much exposure makes you age faster. The degradation of the Ozone layer has also contributed to this as the rays getting to your skin have also increased. Sunscreens cover your skin and protect you from the rays. This gives you a much younger look even in old age.

4) Protects You From Sunburns

During summer, the sun is too hot or your skin to handle, and you might end up with a scalded skin from sunburns. This can give you excruciating pain when removing clothes and discomfort after covering up. When the sun burns are severe, they might leave the damage evidence on your skin for years to come. Additionally, treating the sunburns might be too costly compared to just buying the sunscreen. During the cold months, you can apply it once but during summer, apply sunscreen after every 60 minutes to ensure you are fully protected.

5) Prevents Tanning

When your skin is exposed to the sun, it gets a tan that makes it look slightly darker than your normal skin tone. The tan is not uniform as parts covered by clothes get a lesser tan than the exposed skin. This leaves you with uneven skin. This might prevent you from rocking some outfits due to the different shades of skin tones on you. Toning your skin is a costly and lengthy affair. It is not guaranteed that the skin will get back to its previous shade. The solution to all this is applying sunscreen, which prevents your skin from acquiring a new shade.