You’re out at a concert for your favorite band, the band you loved since you were in your 20s. Thirty years later, as you look around at the crowd, you wonder “This crowd looks sold –do I look that old?” Angela Dunlap knows just how that feels. She also knows how to get a more youthful look with an anti-aging skincare routine.

Angela Dunlap, Director of VCI Med Spa in Tinley Park says, “Men and women have been searching for the Fountain of Youth for ages. We see ourselves in pictures and we wonder how we got those wrinkles on our forehead, the laugh lines around our mouth and eyes, the age spots on our face and hands. Fortunately, with today’s medical and product advancements, we can hold off Father Time. All it takes is a simple combination of technology, a good skincare routine, and quality products to improve your skin quality, tone, and texture.”

1 – Daily Skin Care

It’s no secret that keeping skin looking young starts with your daily routines. Angela says, “Whatever shape your skin is in right now, whether it’s looking a bit dull or it’s simply gorgeous, you can achieve and maintain a healthy glow. You just need to take care of it.”Here’s how:

Angela says that taking care of your skin every morning and night is the first step to healthy skin. “In the morning, you need to remove the oils that have built up on your skin overnight and present a bright clean face to the day. Before bedtime, you want to remove all the environmental dirt and pollutants your face has been exposed to as you went about your day,” she says. “This is done with a gentle cleanser to wash your face – and don’t forget to include your neck. Rinse your face in tepid water thoroughly, to ensure you’ve removed all of the product, and then pat dry.”

The next step is applying a serum, says Angela. “A serum helps smooth pigment, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and relieve acne and can benefit dehydrated and compromised skin. Look for serums that contain antioxidants, copper tripeptides, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to help smooth and brighten your face.”

Lastly, moisturizing is the last basic step of a solid skincare routine. Ask your skin care professional to recommend a medical-grade moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type and overall health.

Angela says that dry skin is the enemy. “Dry skin creates a compromised skin barrier and is prone to cracking. Dry skin might be more common in hot climates with lower humidity but because it can be caused by frequently exposing your skin to the sun, wind, hot water, chemicals, soaps or detergents, anyone can have dry skin. Your skin may also be getting drier as you get older,” says Angela. “The more birthdays you have, the less your body retains water and produces healthy oils to protect your skin, so you’ll need to use moisturizers daily.”

Moisturizers seal in the hydration that’s in your skin, especially now that your face and neck are damp, clean and toned. If you have oily skin, a good moisturizer helps prevent your skin from overproducing oil and causing acne, while supporting the natural oils already in your skin.

2 – Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Yes, Angela says, it’s very important to wear sunscreen every day. “Even in winter, even if it’s cloudy, even if you’re out just for a few minutes, your skin is getting exposed to damaging UV rays. On a cloudy day, about 80% of damaging UV rays are still getting through to damage your skin. Everyone, regardless of age, should apply both a physical and chemical sunscreen containing zinc, titanium dioxide and oxinoctate every day.”

Angela recommends talking to your esthetician about sunscreen options. “If you’re skiing or going snorkeling for a full day, you definitely want a physical sunscreen like zinc oxide. When you’re outside, remember that you’ll need to reapply any sunscreen about every two hours.”

3 – Deep Hydration

While twice-daily moisturizing is important, a thorough deep hydration every few weeks can really make a difference. “Deep moisturizing can actually increase your skin’s water content,” says Angela, “which helps plump your skin, reducing fine lines. Hydrated skin looks smoother and fresher. Higher water content also helps your skin produce new cells.”

4- Use Quality Products

A good skin-care routine or treatment is not just about one overhyped active ingredient; it’s about the recipe within the formulation and the results it will deliver. Popping into your local drug or discount cosmetic store and buying whatever is on sale can be a disaster for your skin. “

Skin care products that are cheap are cheap for a reason,” Angela says. “The formula may not be as consistent or the ingredients are of an inferior quality or you might be paying for more added water than real product.” Cheap products often cause allergic reactions that can take months and expensive dermatologist appointments to resolve, Angela notes.

5- Micro Treatments

Over the last decade, people younger and younger have been getting injections to delay or alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, which work marvelously. However, Angela says patients also to want repair and regenerate skin, not just temporarily hide imperfections.

“Radiofrequency Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses tiny needles and radiofrequency waves to rejuvenate facial skin. The treatment is a form of controlled skin injury. The damage stimulates the growth of healthy new skin, which can benefit common skin issues like acne scars and wrinkles. Combining microneedling with laser treatments for pigmentation, veins, and brightening and you have the ultimate rejuvenation option to age gracefully, healthier, and visibly fresher but 100% you,” says Angela.

Her last recommendation? Look for a med spa with board-certified physicians actually on site. . If the med spa offers vein care, make sure the physicians are fellowship-trained vascular surgeons. Make sure all estheticians are certified and thoroughly trained, with continuing education a priority.

“By following these anti-aging skin care tips, at the next concert, you’ll be able to look around and say to yourself, ‘I know I don’t look this old’ and fully enjoy your favorite band,” says Angela.