One of the most common conditions today is diabetes which affects about one in every three adults. As a side effect, one will most likely have diabetic neuropathy because high levels of blood sugar can affect the nerve fibers throughout the body. Neuropathy is a condition that comes in different forms of nerve damage whether a person has diabetes or not. Diabetic neuropathy is also called peripheral neuropathy which happens when the body no longer uses the hormone insulin properly. It most likely affects the nerves running through your hands, feet, and limbs. It can lead and trigger a lot of serious complication so it is important to manage it to stop its progression.

Here are five steps to overcoming diabetic neuropathy.

1. Manage your blood sugar levels.

The best natural remedy that one can do in order to prevent or control diabetic neuropathy is to manage your blood sugar levels. It is extremely important to maintain your blood sugar consistently within a healthy range to avoid permanent damage of the nerves, blood vessels, eyes, skin, and other parts of the body. Doing it consistently is important so that you can avoid development of any complications. You can also check for more neuropathy treatment remedies. You can click here to read the guide.

2. Exercise regularly and try physical therapy.

One of the most effective ways to manage diabetic neuropathy is to maintain your weight, blood sugar levels, and strength. Make sure to follow a regular exercising schedule. This will improve your strength and help reduce your pain and neuropathic symptoms. Physical therapy also helps a lot because it increases muscle strength and mobility. If you are experiencing any pain due to diabetic neuropathy, reach out to your physical therapist so they can help you reduce symptoms and improve your normal daily functioning.

3. Manage stress.

Stress can affect a lot of things in our body. It makes any inflammation worse and worsens any complications of diabetes. Try to do things that can help calm your nerves such as meditating, exercising, being in nature, and spending more time doing the things that you love. Another way would be to spend more time with your family and friends to relieve stress. When you are stress-free, you can see a big improvement in your health.

4. Quit smoking and reduce any exposure to toxins.

Toxins can put added stress in your kidney and worsen neuropathy. That is why in order to prevent it from happening, avoid exposing yourself to toxins and quit smoking. Detoxify yourself so get rid of those unwanted toxins in the body. One way of doing this is by using organic soaps, cleaning products, and beauty products.

5. Make use of essential oils.

In order to dull and manage any pain caused by neuropathy, you can make use of essential oils such as peppermint and lavender. These essential oils can greatly help lower any inflammation as well as dull any pain. They also feel good to touch so you can relax your nerves.