If you are considering trying out a detox program, whether it’s juicing or any other kind of cleanse, there are some factors to consider before actually deciding to go for it. From reasons to do it, to how long it should be, to evaluating your overall health, to how and where you’re going to do it, are all important aspects.

Read on as we examine five of those in the paragraphs below.

1) The Purpose

Given that you should never go on a detox or cleanse just because it’s a trendy fad and all your friends are doing it, there are actually several reasons why people might need a detox program. A cleanse to lose ten pounds before a wedding is one thing, yet a medical detox for drugs or alcohol is a completely different matter; while a detox to reverse the effects of vacation binge eating is a whole other ball game. Identifying the purpose behind your detox will help you decide on the type, place, and duration of your planned cleanse.

2) Your Body’s Readiness

While some people can go through a detox program like a breeze, others shouldn’t even do one at all. Things like certain health conditions; a history with eating disorders; specific medications; or even demanding schedules or intense workout routines, can nip the idea of a cleanse in the bud. Don’t even think about it if you are pregnant or nursing. That’s why it’s recommended to discuss the idea of a detox with your healthcare provider before embarking on the journey.

3) Your Receptiveness to Reset

Because a cleanse isn’t a quick-fix that aims at temporary results (although some people use it that way), one of the main purposes of detox is to actually reset your body and kick-start healthier habits. Whether you’re detoxing from sugar, alcohol, drugs, or even excessive carb intake, you should always know what the plan is for when you’re done cleansing. To avoid going back to your old habits – and in a sense, relapsing – make sure you have access to the information and support you will need to foster a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain in the long run.

4) Research is Key

We live in a world where if something succeeds once, they make a thousand others that sound just like it. There are many different types of detoxes out there, from water cleanses; all-juice; to juice and food; to alcohol and drug detox programs that can be three, five, or seven days long. A ton of research is required from your side to be able to really tell what type is right for you, know what to expect, and how to follow up. Some institutions, no matter how well-intentioned, offer detox programs without sufficient preparation, so make sure you’re not jumping into the experience blindly.

5) How You Want to Feel All the Time

Identifying how you want to feel in the long run will help you stick with your detox, work on a solid plan for after, and follow through with it. While many people say that an all-juice cleanse makes them feel focused and energized, it’s good to remember that you can’t be on a cleanse forever. Deciding on how you want to feel on a daily basis will help you consciously make consistent choices that will get you there.

Know Your Stuff

When you know why you’re detoxing, your physical readiness to do it, your mental receptiveness for a healthy lifestyle, your knowledge levels and information, as well as how you want to feel every day, your experience is more likely to be both pleasant and fruitful. Always stay informed and take things slow. Besides, you’re doing what you can to make your body healthier and not put it under more strain.