While the winter brings excitement to people as another season has passed, it also brings a harsh climate that can basically take a toll on our skin’s health and appearance. It can dry up our skin that is why it is important to take extra care. The lack of moisture and the cold weather can strip off the natural moisture in our bodies. A lot of people tend to forget to pay attention to their skin during winter, especially on their feet. That is why a lot of people end up having cracked and dry feet.

Here are five tips on how to take care of your feet this winter.

1. Moisturize your feet.

It is not just our face that needs moisturizing during the winter season. Regularly moisturize your feet to soften the skin on your feet and ensure that it does not get dry. You can slather a moisturizing lotion on your feet to help the skin stay smooth and supple.

2. Keep them clean.

Always wash your feet and pat them dry thoroughly every day. Regular soap and water will suffice. Make sure to keep your feet dry before putting on your socks or shoes. This is to avoid getting fungal or bacterial infections as well as ingrown toenail during the cold season. If you ever get ingrown toenails or any problems, seek assistance immediately to remedy the pain.

3. Cure cracked heels by massaging it.

One of the best ways to heal a cracked heel and at the same time pamper yourself is by massaging your heels with essential oils. Scrub your feet first to remove any dead cells after you shower. After that, your skin will have time to soften. Lastly, apply oils to your heels and massage it thoroughly. Massaging your heels can also help improve blood circulation which is needed by our bodies for natural insulation. Better blood circulation also results in soft and smoother skin.

4. Wear proper socks.

It is important to keep our feet warm and be protected from the harsh winter wind. Always wear the right pair of socks at home or when going outside. Wear thick and warm socks that can let the moisture out from your feet in order to avoid getting fungal or bacterial infections. Wearing socks with the synthetic material can keep the moisture inside. This can cause problems if you have sensitive feet so in order to best avoid it, wear the right type of socks – one that is thick, warm, but at the same time doesn’t trap moisture in your feet.

5. Pamper yourself with hot water treatment.

One way to replenish your tired and dry feet during the winter season is by having a hot water treatment. You can either take a warm shower or soak your feet in a tub or hot water. This type of treatment is deeply relaxing and can provide great comfort in cold weather. The best thing about a hot water treatment is that is very simple to do.