Moving house? This is usually the start of an exciting new chapter, yet for many, it is a stressful, exhausting and emotional process. Those that have moved once or twice know before that this is a huge operation with a lot to organize, but it can also feel quite emotional leaving your previous home even if you are moving somewhere nearby. In order to make moving day a little easier and more bearable, here are a few tips that anyone can use which will also help to make the day run smoothly. This will help you to settle faster and get used to your new home.

Plan Ahead

Leaving everything until the last minute is asking for trouble and will no doubt lead to an extremely chaotic day, as you are increasing the chances of something going wrong. Start your planning well in advance so that you know exactly what is happening come moving day and there are no nasty surprises or aspects that have been overlooked.

Round Up The Troops

Having a few people on hand to help throughout the day can make all the difference, but be sure not to have too many people as this can make things more chaotic! Round up a few friends or family members who will be able to help with parts like lifting, looking after pets or staying at one property whilst you are at the other. Just be prepared to return the favor one day!


Using an experienced removals firm is, perhaps, the most important part when it comes to moving as they will be able to take care of all the packing, loading and transportation. Additionally, many also offer storage services too. Find them in your local area with a search online – Orlando movers, for example, and then take time to find the best firm.


On moving day, make sure that you have a bag with you at all times that contains handy items like water, snacks, phone chargers, bin liners, toilet paper, paperwork, pens, etc. Additionally, make sure that safety and security is a priority on the day as it can be very easy to leave a window open, a door unlocked or to leave your possessions unattended on the street.

Reward Yourself

Once everything is in the new home, and you have unpacked essentials and set up your bed, reward yourself for a hard day’s work. Takeaway food and a few drinks is a great idea and a good way to show thanks to your helpers. You will not want to cook, and you will need a good night’s sleep, so have a chilled night so that you can crack on with unpacking the following day.

Moving house will always be an ordeal, and there will be a great amount of stress until you are completely unpacked and settled, whether it is around the corner or to the other side of the country, but there are things that you can do as mentioned above to help to reduce this stress whilst also making sure that the day runs smoothly.