Social media marketing can sometimes feel like one long holiday roundabout – by the time we’ve finished planning our Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts the so-called holiday season is just getting started!

So, how do you create killer holiday season social media content that isn’t just more of the same old tired tropes?

If you’re feeling a little confused about where to start with your holiday marketing strategy on social media, fear not! We’ve got you covered.

In this post, you’ll hear directly from the Gold Lion social media marketing team about the best social media holiday marketing practices and how they prepare for the holiday season.

1. Prioritize high-value content.

As audiences are likely viewing a lot of content from a lot of different businesses hoping to drive sales during the holidays, the content that you create needs to be as high-value as possible to maximize your chances of grabbing a piece of their already stretched attention spans.

This includes social media posts that are offer-centric or email campaigns that call attention to sales or discounts you’re currently running.

To create this kind of high-value content, set goals specific to your holiday marketing needs, and create a coherent content marketing strategy that will allow you to execute and succeed.

2. Have social media support at the ready.

Consumers send retailers more messages on social media during the holiday months than during non-holiday seasons.

With this in mind, ensure that your customer service and marketing teams are aligned and ready to respond to messages on social media during the holidays.

3. Be inclusive.

It’s incredibly important to be inclusive during the holiday season.

Your audience is often dispersed around the globe and may celebrate different occasions at different times, or not at all.

Being aware of this is crucial, and using this awareness to help you create inclusive ads and posts is just as vital.

In practice, this could look like social media posts and general communications that aren’t holiday-specific but emphasize the feelings that can arise around holidays.

4. Publish minimally.

As mentioned above, consumers spend holidays with friends, family, and loved ones, so they may be away from their social media profiles more than they would during normal times.

Leveraging this tip goes hand in hand with sharing high-value content; if you lower the number of times you post during the holidays, you want to ensure that what you do post is valuable to your audiences.

Use historical data from previous holiday seasons to understand how consumers behave so you know the best times to post online during the holiday season and incorporate this information into your content marketing strategy.

5. Tell your audience you’re thankful for them.

It’s always important to show gratitude to your consumers, but it’s absolutely essential during the holiday season.

This can take the form of social media posts saying thank you to your followers for their support, sending personalized emails to customers that have made a purchase, or even sending free gifts or discounts to your customers to thank them for their loyalty.

Showing genuine gratitude encourages customer loyalty, which in turn leads to customer retention and ultimately drives revenue.

Over To You

We can all agree that it’s essential to continue to show up for customers if we want them to continue to show up for us.

Plan ahead, focus on high-value content, and show your audiences that you’re grateful for them.

This way, you’ll continue to provide delightful experiences that keep people coming back for more while also achieving your marketing goals and remaining active online.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any useful holiday season marketing tips of your own or have any questions for our team.

Good luck out there, and, of course, happy holidays!