Whether you’re splashing out on an all-out honeymoon or the trip of a lifetime with your friends or family, luxury breaks are the best way to indulge yourself while abroad. Luxury vacations are that dream trip where money is no object and where you have the budget to finally splash out on nicer accommodation, fine dining and activities you could only have dreamed of.

Don’t over-plan it

In the same way that brides don’t often get to enjoy their own wedding, you don’t want to over-plan your luxury break to the point where it feels like forced fun. You want enough breathing room to take your time between activities and kick back and relax when you want to. If you’re booking a spa, leave some time to lounge by the pool and read in between treatments.

Don’t just rely on hotels

Of course, five-star hotels are particularly great for an ultimately indulgent service, but remember that there are other ways to live the high life while on vacation. Companies such as Le Collectionist, for example, not only offer stunning luxury villas but also experiences to book alongside them. You don’t have to be in a hotel to receive a five-star service. The experience will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed by the time you return home, something you might not have gained from a hotel.

Do what you like

If your friends and family have been encouraging you to book a luxury spa experience, when you don’t really enjoy spa breaks, then this may take away from your vacation. What luxury means differs from person to person, and so it’s important that it’s a form of indulgence you enjoy.

Hunt for upgrades

One of the easiest ways to add luxury, and perhaps even save a bit of money if you play your cards right, is to hunt around for an upgrade. Upgrades instantly boost your experience by providing access for more premium and exclusive services. You might discover a discounted upgrade on your flight, although for the ultimate luxury break, booking yourself into First of Business class is always recommended.

Don’t think like a tourist

If you find large crowds frustrating, then avoiding tourist traps and popular romantic destinations is the best strategy to approach a luxury break with. For example, Venice may be absolutely gorgeous in its own right, but if you have no particular urge to visit, and no specific reason for visiting, it might not be worth negotiating the large crowds for. Instead, hunt around for equally beautiful cities (Budapest, for example) that can get you the same luxury but with a fraction of the tourists, and perhaps even a fraction of the price as a result.

If you’re booking a luxury vacation, the most important aspect to focus on is what you enjoy and the most indulgent way to experience it. Try not to think too stereotypically either when it comes to accommodation and places to visit. Opt for activities that will bring you your own personal bliss, and places to stay that are top of the range but offer you a certain amount of freedom.