Driving risks are not only about how you act as a driver; they’re also about the environment around you, including roads, hazards, and other drivers. With this in mind, staying safe on the road isn’t just about driving your own vehicle safely. It’s also about paying attention to everything around you and being able to pinpoint better any potential hazards you may come across.

Here are five tips for staying extra safe on the road.

1. Take Extra Time to Set-Up

Jumping in your car and being quick to set off in a rush may cause issues once on the road. You should take extra time to check everything before setting off. Be sure everything is working properly (such as wipers and lights) and be sure to buckle up, as well as eliminate any distractions, such as putting your phone away in a safe place. If you’re a fan of the radio, set-up your favorite station before you set-off, so that you’re not risking fiddling with the dials while driving.

2. Check Ahead for the Weather

This is especially important during colder months or if there is a risk of heavy rain or snow. You need to be prepared for that so that you can drive accordingly, and also double check that wipers and fog lights are working correctly.

3. Be Aware of Other Drivers’ Behaviour

Even if you keep your car at a safe distance and do everything right yourself, there’s still a chance that another driver may become problematic — or even dangerous. It’s easy to pinpoint when to be wary of another driver if you’ve been behind them for a while on the road, as you will be able to see how they’re acting (such as speed, and how the vehicle moves). It’s a good idea to pay attention beyond simply keeping a safe distance, as reckless drivers may turn without signaling or may speed to overtake and cause an accident.

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4. Plan a Route

If you’re heading to a new place, plan your route ahead of time. Reckless driving can quickly come into play if you’re trying to spot road signs, if you panic because you took a wrong turn, or if you risk becoming lost and stressed. When in doubt, safely pull over and check a map, your GPS, or your phone.

5. Avoid Angry Behavior

Other drivers can become a nuisance. However, it’s key to stay calm. Aggressive behavior to other drivers may make matters worse, such as them deciding to harass or bother you further, or becoming angry may mean you’re distracted when driving.

Take Away

When staying safe on the road, a lot of it is about preparation before you drive. While staying safe is about paying attention while on the road, it’s also about checking everything you can in advance for a safer drive.