Hola everyone! Below are the 5 most important tips to get that slimmer waist we all like and want!

Do no go crazy working out everyday or even do cardio everyday.

If you follow these simple tips, and learn that eating right all the time is more important exercising all the time, you will get the stomach you want!


1- Do 30 minutes of any cardio exercise on a empty stomach to burn 3x’s the amount of fat (5 times a week)

2- Do 3 sets of 50 (laying down crunches) And 3 sets of 50 (laying down leg raises)

3- Eat 5-6 small meals to speed up your metabolism

4- Always tighten your core while doing any exercise (walking up the stairs, lifting weights, or even pushing the baby stroller)

5- Remember that 80% of what we all look like is what we eat, and that abs are made in the kitchen!


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